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Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by Huntress, May 14, 2017.

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    Not like the AvP films didn't do that (and yes Bensin Predators also had quite a few flaws ;) )
    But I take a little hope in the news that the reshoots transformed most of the third act.
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    And that it didn't turn the whole film into an incoherent babbling mess. That too.
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    Look on the bright side: Whatever the outcome we can all still wait for someone with great editing skills to make a better version without the humans.
    I mean <--- AVPR Redux did a great job fixing lightning issues and taking out all of the annoying human parts. If you haven't seen this then I highly recommend a watch.
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    I mean really we deserve a movie that we don't have top edit the hell out of to make it any good.
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    Well, if it's as bad as AVPR then there will be people there to do just that. I mean if you've seen the REDUX they did a great job.
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    :( TBH I don't get why there's SO much hate around AVPR. I mean, despite some pretty big flaws it is at its core an entertaining watch, in my opinion. Please don't kill me!

    That's true that the people will always be there, but my point is they shouldn't have to be there to be effectively a post-production crew for a movie.
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    Funny enough, my favorite Predator film was Predators (2010) and that seems to be hated as well.
    Thought it was great as it finally incorporated some multi ethnic/multi national main characters. It also marked one of the only times a Russian actor was portrayed in a good manner in an American movie. Despite the super Predators looking rather weird, I thought it served its purpose. They were meant to be hated and the face reveal simply solidified the hatred to Mr Black's character.
    The film could have been longer and explored more themes which would have made it much better in the process... also the props were great.

    Any way about AVPR, here is the general consensus about the film.

    It got 11% on rotten tomatoes it's also the lowest rated Alien/Predator film and for the right reasons to. Despite profiting. It was highly disliked among reviewers. The main focus of the story was Alien versus Predator but we simply got a movie filled with excess people who really had no meaning to the story except drag it on. The story was supposed to be fixated on Wolf's search and destroy mission. The Redux version edits out the nonsense out.

    Here are what reviewers have said:

    "The increased gore and violence over the first Alien vs. Predator can't excuse Requiem's disorienting editing, excessively murky lighting, and lack of new ideas."
    "An orgy of mindless violence, a random collection of bloody bodies, alien misanthropy and slobbering carnage designed to bore straight into the pleasure centers of 13-year-old boys and leave the rest of us wondering when the movies got so damn loud."

    Top review on IMBD

    download (12).png

    Bad points:
    Terrible Lighting
    Generic high school pizza boy drop out falling in love with a girl who is in a relationship with a high school bully.
    We didn't get to see much of Wolf... there was alot of excess from lesser characters.
    We didn't see the suits/costumes/props at their very best.

    Good points:
    Wolf Suit was amazing.
    (A step in the right direction since P2)
    Props/Suits were great!

    Either way, I'm looking forward to the new movie. Regardless of what anyone says.
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    OK, to (try) to counter your points:

    I'll start with the easiest: Rotten Tomatoes Review. So if you're not aware, the Rotten Tomato grading system is totally broken. To illustrate, it only takes everyone rating the film to give it at least a 6/10 for it to get 100%. So, yeah.

    I'd like to mention that I'm not saying this film is god's gift, but I don't believe that it deserves reviews as bad as it got. It seems to me that the hating of this movie so intensely is more of a bandwagon thing that anything else, and in doing so people tend to overlook the genuinely decent things about the movie; that being mainly Wolf.

    On your point about the unnecessary human characters, I have two points. Firstly, that for one character in particular (the Ripley lookalike) there is a genuinely interesting story around her, a veteran back from Iraq with an estranged relationship with her daughter. My second point concerning this is of a more practical nature; the directors could not have released a film where there are little to no human characters and a fearsome alien is the main character, much as we'd all like this. This is because a) No-one except the fans would go to see it and b) It would be impossible for many to empathize with a character so monstrous (badass) and alien as Wolf in the movie. An example of this is with the Godzilla movies, also laden with human baggage out of necessity. I'm sure the directors would have loved to have no actors to pay anyway.

    And of course the props and costumes were great, plus in introduced one of the most badass characters in the extended universe and the Predator homeworld itself.

    Finally, I would respond to the excessive gore point by highlighting that it, while more than is really necessary, has only been amplified so such a degree by the profound lack of it in the 1st movie, which, by the way, is objectively much, much worse.

    I also really liked Predators.
  10. Wreav

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    Rotten Tomatoes, is one of the many movie sites that had rated this movie below the 5/10 mark. Which categorises it as a blatant bad film. Literally the only good points was Wolf, the props and the Alien. Needless to say more on the matter because this is what is almost universally agreed upon as it came from the roots of the original Predator films 1/2.
    The film was exclusively catered to fans... you can go read about it in their marketing strategy they even mentioned elements of the previous films being somewhat linked to this new non canon movie.
    The main focus (like the title) is Aliens and Predators. 1) No-one except fans?
    Regardless if there were humans or not... who would pass off an opportunity to go see the two creatures who are embedded, yes embedded in SciFi/Horror history. These two creatures are easily identifiable both have revolutionised the way modern viewers see Sci-fi/Horror movies.
    By this point everyone knows who Arnold Schwarznegger is, the shades of the original franchise will always weigh in on the significance any new production (despite having terrible spin off/non canon movies). You go to the furthest reaches of the world where people go to cassette shops to buy films, they will know what the Predator is simply because Arnold was in the movie. The character of the Predator (to the common movie goer) is seen as a Villain that Arny defeated.
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    OK, I see what you're trying to say here, but I think it is pretty clear that, in this day and age, Predator and Aliens are both fairly 'niche' fandoms, and haven't been in the spotlight for quite some time. So once again, I say that the basically unnecessary human characters to us could easily seem like plot flesh (sorry) to the average creature-feature goer, who isn't necessarily a die-hard AVP/Alien/Predator fan. I agree that the redux version is much better, but I think we can both agree it isn't exactly going to draw in anyone who doesn't know the franchise like we do.

    Anyway, I realise that this argument is going to go back and forth to high heaven so I'm going ot leave it with this closing statement.

    I know there are major flaws with this movie, lighting issues etc, and that the redux version is much better, but I still personally enjoyed it. But I am fairly easily pleased so, whatever. :):):););):p:p
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    How 'bout we get back on topic ;);)
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    There was recent leak in Vegas in regards to the film's trailer.
    Will follow up on this. Shortly.
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    BTW, how many more trophy points till I'm a Hunter?
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  16. Wreav

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    Trailer is coming out on Thursday sources are suggesting.
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    Teaser will be showed exclusively at Cinemacon today, maybe someone will record that with a cellphone and leaks it online...

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