Should predators have jet packs???


I could see a specialist Pred, like Wolf, that could use a jet pack on certain missions. Not on a regular hunt, but if one is on a mission.

Broken Doll

I like the idea, and Uratz's design.

If a full blown Rocketeer-esque jetpack seems too far fetched, maybe a jump pack.

Same theory just a short burst as opposed to an all out flying pred.


I was gonna say jet packs are lame until I saw Uratz design. Uratz that is a badass design! Remember Jetpacks will only get you into trouble i.e Jango and Boba Fett
Tbh i can't really see a Predator with a jetpack. I know it's a cool idea and respect that cuz that concept is just lethal.
For me the predator imo will always be the hunter we all know from the movies using their locomotion abilities, stalking in the trees/prowling the cities. A jetpack just doesn't seem right to me :) unless hes going up against a dragon, then yeah sure makes alot of sense!!
With the PC game Operation Flashpoint there is a Predator Addon and the AddOn-Builder made 1 model with jetpack.

Only the controls s*cks.... because he used info of a helicopter in his config file.

War Predator

i think uratz already is.

im just wondering, with the size of this jet pack. would it take place of the plasma caster pack on the back.
because it looks like it almost takes up the preds whole back, leaving room for a spear or some other weapon or
accesory :)

Skin Is In

At first I would have been a staunch 'no way' to this idea, until reading a few of your concepts on it, and now am thinking yeah, why not.

Would have to be a silent gause type jump pack though, so it would be silent, and would have to take place of the plasma launcher, maybe for a specialist melee style predator who does not use ranged weaponry and uses it to close the gap.

War Predator

maybe a type of melee Predator would be like the CHOPPER Predator. or some similar style
with the 2 big blades and disks and stuff.

this could be really successful if you ask me, ideas are just rushing through my mind o_O


I remember maybe five years ago on the Sideshow board, there was a thread talking about potential Predator weapons and I said eventually the Predators would have some kind of tracking animal. I got promptly laughed at and told my ideas were stupid and that those concepts would never make it into a film. My argument then and now was always that the tendency of sequels, any sequels, is to keep upping the ante and show the audience something different. P2 had a throwing disc, spear, net gun that were all new weapons. AVP got the additional forearm blades and ankle knives. Wolf got a double cannon and whip and a cleaner kit. And yes, the new Predators got not just one, but two type of "tracking" animals, the falcon and hunting dog thing. Also Berserker had a quasi rotating plasma cannon ( kind of like a slow gatling gun)

There are only so many weapons or gear that you can outfit onto a character, make somewhat plausible and offer something different to the audience. To me, the Predators sequel, the Predators there will have something different in their loadout.

A jet pack doesn't seem so out of the realm of possibility in my book. My issue is always if it can serve the story first, and not have the story wrapped out showing off special effects and CGI.

My guesses on new weapons

An archer Predator, some kind of bow and arrow system
A Predator with a battle axe.
A Predator with a shield.
A Predator would a shoulder mounted rocket launcher system ( kind of like Iron Man 2)

I'm sure some people will laugh like they laughed years ago, but where else can new producers and directors take the film series? You interest fans in part by showing something new.

Tiny Evil

for some reason I think it really wouldn't fit :/
when I read the title I was like "OOOH jet packs! that could be pretty cool!" but then I tried to imagine what it would look like and FOR SOME REASON I think it would make them look less badass... maybe because I imagined something like that
I guess I'd have to see it in action to really make up my mind ^^;; (but Uratz's design looks great!)


No leave the jet packs for Star Wars. A jet pack on a Predator is something I thought about for a while but I don't think it would look right.


They probably use them when they hunt each other- but id guess it takes away the sport of hunting underlings like humans