shoulder cannon help


alien hunt44

can somebody help me out and tell or show me how to make a good quallity shoulder cannon. thanks.


eager beaver hunter is what i'm gonna call you, "Tell" you how to make a good cannon? use some reference images and some clay, get your self some model kits to "bash"
sprinkle some imagination into the mix and there you go.... some effort is the key

that is how you make a good shoulder cannon...


There's no real good way to tell you how to make a cannon.

The only thing I can say is to search the thrift stores for bits and pieces of toys that might make interesting cannon parts.

The Atlantean Cannon that we made ....... no clay was involved in the sculpting process.

What did we use? Believe it or not, a toy bowling pin, a computer mouse, fun foam, and a bit of latex cyber parts (that we pre-made).

The Mortal Immortal

Wow nibs never would have known that by looking at it. I'm making one the kid next door. This year Halloween is going as the predator. I went to the dollar store or the 99 cent store and got a gun that had almost the same look as the P2 cannon. All I really had to do is take of the handle and the trigger gaurd and add some putty. Took a old goose neck lamp for the arm and some foam to make the mount.

But you can use fun foam to make a cannon like I've seen on the lair in a post.

urban spaceman uk

Mine's actually made from a plastic mineral water bottle with a few latex, plastic and card bits and pieces added (see pic in suit thread). One advantage of this method is weight. The cannon is so light you forget it's there.



AS Kit said use your imagination. Look at the shape of things and what they can become. Not what they are.

If you knew what most of us use to make costume pieces you would die laughing.

One of my favorite things to use is Tupperware,Shampoo Bottles etc.

Have fun with it.