Sideshow Collectibles P1 Mask Replica

It looks like it has some texture or the paint has given it some.  They could never get close to the original with a factory paint job though.  Sadly, the lens isn't even accurate.  Still, really love the sculpt but I guess I won't be getting it. 


Python said:
Does anybody have a good clear picture of the film used masks lenses?
I have searched high and low for the best pics that are out there. Even paused the blu ray at stages to get a good look. The best available are in the gallery I think. Even then its hard to get a nice clear image. There are many posts on the P1 lenses but I think it just goes back and forth on what their idea of what they look like and what they are made out of. For the sideshow piece I think its good they are going for an actual mesh instead of just a printed piece of paper. There is no clear film over it but it's close enough.


Looks like the clear film is beneath which could be correct for all we know, if Matt Rose did it that way, who are we to argue. It certainly does look much darker on screen however.



Well on mine I sandwiched some mesh in-between 2 bits of clear film. I think the darkness comes from not being able to see any light coming through the back. A lot of people say they used some mirrored film on the original. I don't see it myself.  

Guan Thwei

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The frontal view looks promising, but it just does not grab me like the original castings do for some reason.