Silicone P1 Suit Evolution. Pg41 Hands Video 19/07/13

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Usurper, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Well i suppose i should start posting a progress thred, i mean i have been sort of doing a suit for the last 12months, in that time ive gatherd and sold many many things as the design has changed in my head, ( which is the only place it resided hehe ) i wish i could have settled on a design sooner, it would have saved me * loads of time and money hehe. the suit will be BASED around a P1 look, BUT will incorporate at least one part from each of the films ( no idea what part from wolf will be in the suit as i wont be seeing it for a while grrr ) So ill upload pics of what i HAVE so far and what im working on/need etc. ive tired to make as much of the suit as i can, but in the end time and patience dictated i buy more than i wanted to. ill post pics later today , ill have to upload what i have etc.
  2. Usurper

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    OK uploaded everything i have ( i think ) Ill post in sections and hopefully remember correctly where i got them from, some were trades others straight out buys, others i honestly cannot remember where i got them from . :p

    If i forget to thank anyone, please accept my apologies.

    Everything will be, or has been painted by me.

    Ill start with the bits i managed to make myself ( really really wish id made more )

    Latex Mask Sculpted by me and painted by me.



    Legs ( work progress ) was gonna use a P2 cod peice but cant find one.


    Neck ring.



    Dred rings. ( dreds are being supplied by bambooie )



    Cannon ( built with crap from around the house )




    only pic i have of completed cannon is besides Pirks atlantean.


    Guantlet blades cut from sheet plastic i had.



    Hybrid chest burster ( i seem to have lost my main section sculpt pics :D if anyone saved them please can you forward them back to me )



    Alien marking finger.



    i think thats all ive made , ggrrrr shoulda made more baaaaaaaah heheh.
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  3. Usurper

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    Skin bits :

    excellent body from seahunterr. thx dude.

    started painting it yesterday. 1st pic im messing about, ( havent added any yellow or veins in either pic yet ), 2nd pic im trying to now make it look more pred ish, i suppose its about 70% painted now



    Hands, 1 set HEAVILY modified AVP hands, looked like kenny everet hands when i recieved them , and there were bubbles and holes everywhere ( really awfull pull )
    2nd set are P2, cant remeber where i got them from :p



    Feet P2 , got these in a trade with Bovine. ty sir :D


    that the body stuff i have.
  4. Usurper

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    As much P1 as i could find and i think its all P1 , well hope.

    Chest Peice from ScottAS, best there is .
    Shoulder and bicep armour from Carlart , best there is.

    Guantlets ( unknown )
    Thigh from a trade i did when i had just joined the lair , ( cant remember name of person, sorry if you on the new lair )
    Groin from Dragonskinstudios
    shins from Seahunter i think, he had no use so i badgerd him into selling to me :p

    i havent got current pics of all the armour but here a pic of most of it.


    Bio, i think is a icons recast, not totally sure. ( and defo didnt know when i got it )

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  5. Usurper

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    Misc stuff.

    excellent AVP dagger from shaitan.


    thats all i think for now, hopefully this wil start to come together sooner , rather than late now i have the majority of it. :p
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  6. Shai tan

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    Very very cool Usurper!!!!!! Love the leg detailing.
  7. dark hunter

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    nice usurper , your just about ready to suit up then i suppose ....
    the mask with the body suit looks amazing even for display!.
    Hell it looks like you have a sideshow collectibles suit!. lol. Keep up the good work m8 :p
  8. roninpred

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    :p wow surps!
    you're almost there.
    you ought to be proud that you made allthat stuff yourself(head,legs,hybrid,etc,etc)

    now heres an important question nobody seems to ask or forgot about it..

    have you been practicing how to climb a big tree?

    you know andrew is going to bug you about it :D
  9. Bovine13

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    Thank the costume gods!!!! Lee's finally doing a full suit! It is looking good my friend. Glad the feet worked out for ya. Now, how to get you state side for SDCC...... hmmmmm!?
  10. Usurper

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    hehe Ronin.

    I will not post pics of me suited up unless i ave one of me up a tree , im not that stupid

    and no , thats not a matter of opinion :D lol.

    Bovine/Scott, yeah thanks bud, im sure they will work great when i get around to them hehe.

    i severaly doubt theres anyway i can get across the pond with a whole suit for any cons :p

    ill just have to be with you in spirit.
  11. Jluck

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    looks great lee!

    wonderful job on ur sculpt and the paint looks great on everything! definatly gonna be a bad-* set up once its finished!! :p
  12. lethalshot

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    Looking awesome !!!! Good job.
  13. ronin

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    Thats some cool * bro.I like the where the suits going so far.Kickin' some major * there man. :p
  14. PredatrHuntr

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    Hot diggity - that all coming together quite nicely. Well done sir!
  15. Usurper

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    the upper body WILL be finished this year ( ie this week weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehe )

    Once my silver faskolor paint comes, i cant repaint Carls armour and post a tutorial as i said i would, ( his rubber armour rejected my initial attempt but Faskolor is designed for lexan rc cars so is designed to take a bashing and be the fact the base black ive put on has bonded like glue :p
    hopefully that will arrve this week, along with bambooies dreds, then i can give a big update come the 1st of Jan :D
  16. Sand Scout

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    looking badass Lee :p
  17. one and only

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    Awesome dude!
  18. Mortal Immortal

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    Looks great Lee
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  19. roninpred

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    I just keep on looking at your cannon picture side by side with dave's canon and I can't believe how movie like yours look lee.
    those are some top notch mcguyver skills :)

    I also love your hybrid burster is the shiznitz

    I want more pics lee!
  20. Usurper

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    hehe, thanks :)

    having day off as nights have knocked me about this week ( lack of sleep because of xmas morning hasnt helped )

    all things been equal ill have some more pics on friday, as im splitting my daytime between WOLF and my upperbody paint up.

    Really looking forward to climbing a tree when its finished may also climb upon my roof when its a clear night with a full moon, man even though im a good 3/4mths from finishing this, it really does feel like im making headway now.
  21. roninpred

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    Do you hear that drew? :)
  22. Usurper

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    yeah Andy , gonna go where you fear to tred.

    UP A * TREE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    /me prays theres some suitable trees nearby lol.
  23. kithunter

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    as i've told you before

    it's pretty * fantastic to see you actually make Sculpt,Cast, Paint and finish the pieces needed. i really don't care about the tree shot just that you build a kick * predator costume for yourself.

    the pieces all look great together so finish it up ya *

  24. Usurper

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    Well thankyou kind sir :)

    but i DOOOOOOOOOOO care about the tree shot as its pretty much the 1st time we get to see the mean *, and i havet seen too many people try and replicate this, if any?

    just finished painting the upper body and its had 2 permawet top coats, just waiting for it to dry and i may try it on, as i need to cut the belt to length to hold the chest armour peice in place, i may actually and post pics when i do this today or tomorrow ( the tree shot doesnt count until i have a complete suit )
  25. tommynator1024

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    nice to see a suit thread amidst all the AVP-R bashing!! Also nice that it doesn't start out with "progress pics later next week" or something... :)

    As to your gear, it looks like it's seriously gonna kick *!! Don't let us wait to long for pics of the finished thing...

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