slayers new suit



Well here it is the slayer suit version 2





close up of fun foam shin armor
Ok guys whats up here? Almost 500 views on this and only 4 replys and these pics have been up since last october. I know its not a movie accurate suit and also know it could use improvements, but please gimmie some feedback, good or bad i just need more opinions on what could be fixed, what could be changed to make it better etc. I thought id give everyone some time to respond but this is ridiculous, if you dont like me fine, say so, if you want to ignore me fine, tell me you arent going to accknowledge my pressence, it almost feels like the old game of "ignore him an he will go away" If this is the case please tell me. As for the 4 people who did post a comment thank you for doin so, it was appreciated, as to the others cmon , let me know either way, im big and tuff i can take harsh critisism, as long as its constructive. IM not starting any war here i just would like to know whats goin on, i also know some people might find this aggressive or harsh for that im sorry, through being a member here ive learned that emotions are not conveyed through typing at all, so i will say right now im not angry, im actually just curious as to whats goin on. Any thoughts would be very cool, thanx-Joe


Missed this thread somehow. Looks like a "means business" suit. I like it. I like the dreds to be a bit longer. What is the chest armor made of? The pics make it look like a carbon fiber kinda stuff.

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Sorry, I never look in this section of the lair that often. The suit looks ok to me, I see it has a AVP look going on.
I know its not a movie accurate suit
A suit don't have to be movie accurate. Its how you feel when you put it together and how you feel when your in it.

I think you did a fine job and don't think the lack of post means any different. You have more then most on the lair and you should feel proud about it.


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I agree with TMI - don't take the lack of replies to mean that we hate you and want you to leave! As long as you are happy with it, thats all that matters...
Awesome, now thats what im talkin about, keep the thoughts comming, it will help me, help myself. I dont want a movie accurate, just my own rendition, something to call mine.

As for the dreds, yeah, I was pondering the dreds since i installed them, and totally agree they should be longer. Hoping to get some Bambooie dreds in the near future.

The chest armor is weight lifting pad from walmart, 14bucks for 6 -3ft by 3ft pads

Thank you for replying to all who did, as to those that didnt tell me your thoughts, i like feedback good or bad



*psst* they're lying! that's right! we hate you! We wish you never existed! We wish you never stuck your head in here at al!! hahahaha~!!!

lol all joking asides, that is one awesome suit, Slayer. Love the costume. The only thing I honestly have problems with is the chest armor. it looks a bit too square for me for some reason. Nothing big though. i love your stance. very menacing!


To be honest Joe, even though Archives / Body Count is where this post belongs, I rarely check this particular forum, personally. Just happened to stumble in... I like the suit. I do like longer dreads as well and I know you're getting some new armor real soon. I think it's going to look great and any alterations that you make are going to be made on what is already a great foundation. As for the responses... I'd post it up in Skulls/Skins even though this is the correct place to post it...



I started my suit at roughly the same time you finished yours and at the time you posted the pics I remember thinking "if I can manage a suit HALF as good as that I`ll be happy". It was pointless posting then as I didn`t know anything and like `Joe Public` to me it looked 100% perfect.
. I remember a post when someone asked about a making the `perfect Pred costume` the answer was `Its what YOU think is right`.I liked that advice as going OTT with detail requires talent (that I haven`t got, lol) and I watched the original that many times I`m convinced he just looks `filthy`. That was about 5-6 months ago and I`ve learned a lot since then thanks to some of the guys on here. I`ll be honest and tell you (IMO) what i like and don`t like.

I like your suit colours. To me they`re `right` (IMO). Not too bright or lairy and not too varied. What I`m not sure of though is the muscle defintion in your abs and thighs. Looks too `false` (to me).
I like your arms. Top job. Gauntlets look well too with good fitting and scale by the look of it. Good colours there too
Your Bio looks great, very serious and menacing but the dreds are a wee bit short and a bit thick too (again, my opinion mate) and your dred rings look a bit basic. Kinda thick looking and still have that `they`ll do for now look`.
I like the leg armour. Top job with the foam there. Good colours and they look pretty authentic.
Not sure of the chest armour. It looks kinda `cardboardy` although it fits perfect without distorting your suit and the leather strap is goodlooking and simple.
Shoulder armour looks good but hard to tell with the pics.
Belt and loin cloth look well although it would look better (for me) if it was plain leather/hide in that colour and without the pattern/check.
As I said, Predator, to me, lived in the jungle/wild/wherever/was a Hunter/was dirty and a bit rough looking. Don`t be scared of a bit of grime. I`m going to use it to try and hide my shortcomings. :)

Right, there you have it. Honesty. I`m not `ripping into your suit` as its STILL better than what I have at the moment mate. I`ll be posting pics up here in a month or two so feel free to `get tore in`. Its the only way I`ll improve.
All the best, Lenny
Thanx guys, this is the input i want here it helps because I also have some issues with this suit. One of the main ones in my book is the color matching of the head and torso. Sure it looks ok, but in my opinion doesn't really match the torso, to me the head isnt dark enough, almost to the point of not even matching the suit, but I guess it might be that I'm my own worst critic , one of those "im not happy with it" moments that everyone has. But keep the opinions comming, especially about the head and body color. thanx-Joe


. Sure it looks ok, but in my opinion doesn't really match the torso, to me the head isnt dark enough, almost to the point of not even matching the suit
I`m in the same boat actually. My head is brown/black/burnt orange. My suit has greeny tones as well as flesh colour. I`ll have to live with it as I`m not going through the painting carry on again! I can understand your frustration about some members ignoring you by the way. Thats just the way forums are. I wouldn`t let it bother you dude.

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