Snake And Ram. Snake Pg3 Ram Pg5, 02/01/12


Veteran Hunter
I know this will ultimately be my choice, but i am after some feedback.

I am in the mood for some mask painting, so i have removed 2 raw masks from sale and put them aside ready for the INK.

1x closed mouth P1 mask, i am going to convert to Snake.

1x closed mouth P2 Mask , i am however not sure on.

Thoughts are this, Another lost hunter.............

Hippie , but i have just done one.
Borg , but green is a horrid paint to look natural ( for me )
Ram, he had a blue grey scheme on a P2 head, but i may piss people off if the pattern is not thought of as apt etc, as it would be guess work from just having pictures of the half mask that was used.
P1 on a P2 mask, i liked the last one i did, but also fed up of painting P1's .

So, any thoughts or anythign you think makes sense i should do?


Masks to be used are below.




Do any of the deviant art people have some cool sketch work with color that you could mimic?

What about some other comic
Book art?

Or any paint scheme concepts from the ADI books?

Some suggestions maybe to find some new inspiration.

Good luck.
I like the paint-job on this P1 mask. Would like to see something in the direction of a rainbow-warrior.
Paint the P2 mask in P2 colors, but with battle damages, scratches, a broken tusk.
I would like to see a bio on this one, even a broken one.

kzuno (2).jpg

urbanhunter- (24).jpg


Veteran Hunter
If you have something in mind for the p2 say so Brad, i just like trying to mimiick the film stuff. as i have never really liked any of my custom paint ups.
There was a movie made few years back about aliens verses some predators. The main character was pretty cool. Anyway, he ended up killing a face hugger and putting a scar on his forehead.
How about painting the P2 up like him?!! There should be some good reference pictures around here.

Oh, wait... I found one


Double H

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I have to stand in agreement with both PredatrHuntr and Master Anubis on this one - do the scar you know thats number 1 in your fav 5 :p


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the problem with Ram is the crown was not painted, only the cheaks, so i would have to make it up.

all the other losties were totally unique, so it stands to reason his head paint up would not be like any other, so there is a huge challenge right there.

unless . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . we found out who painted the Ram suit, and contact them to see if they remember their vision of what the pattern would have been.

Mr Fett

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We know Rosengrant and Wang did a lot of painting for that movie, but for fan made stuff, I really like this 'made up' paintjob for Ram's head:

He used just enough of the neon blue spots that Ram has along the sides of his body (on the real suit) to nicely compliment the head. Not a very busy center pattern like the main P2 (or Snake, even) has, but it does work for Ram.


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I like the centre pattern, but the colours are off for the head, the screen used pics i have are quite abit paler.

hmmmm. ok i need to narrow this list down as it just seems to be getting longer lol

Mr Fett

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I know the colors are off. I just meant using the existing part you DO know (the screen used undermask), and embelishing into the center based off that.


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I say paint the P2 in a P2 pattern with blue,black,grey (Ram)....maybe a hint of green. That should and would look savage mean, just about any direction you go will turn out a must own collectors item my friend.....paint away brutha


Veteran Hunter
lol ok thanks guys.

kinda threw a spannner in the works there i wasnt expecting to get any sort of Ram love. now i am sorely tempted to try.

Off surfing shortly ( i hope if knee holds up ) then ill trim these up and prep them before another night shoft ggrrrr. they will be ready for when i get time then.
Naw, couldn't really find anything enticing. It would be nice to see a Ram interpretation; anything to take my mind off that bio. I absolutely hate it...


Veteran Hunter
Yeah never been a fan of the bio either, but the head is a challenge i have been thinking of attacking for a long time. Having said that, this mornings base colours did not go too smoothly, but i am sort of getting there lol.

on to that subject, i white base coated both, then went about the undertones, SNAKE was a mix of yellow/yellow ocre/antelope brown/ and some mish mashing of darker yellows. I will be going back in with some white thinned with isopropynol, to lighten a few areas, i will probably have to bounce back and forth a few times with shades to get the dirty grubby look i am after.
RAM, well i gave up counting the levels of grey i used, i just could not get it right, although i have used 3 blues so far lol, anyway i think i sort of have it heading in the right direction.

my fingers cannot take anymore today out in the cold garage, so itll be a few days before i get anymore done, but i think i will finish SNAKE before i move onto RAM.

any thoughts?