So, Who likes Zombies?


My fellow students and I were given an assignment in our advertising class to come up with a "mock" campaign for the Lis Claiborne clothing line. So, I'm sitting there tossing ideas back and forth with my partner (eventually he gave in and got a chuckle), and I start sketching out models wearing different dresses and the like. Now, I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I got the idea (a headache with pictures) to start drawing well-dressed Zombie chicks. By this point I'm giggling because I think this is just downright hilarious, BUT there were other students who were all like "what the hell is wrong with you?" Even my teacher thought it was funny, and he's 65-70 years old with a hundred years of experience in the ad business. Anyhow, I thought this was just totally me in the sense that I'm given an assignment, and then everything is about monsters. Also, I have no idea where the Argyle sweaters came from either.

Drawn on the backside of a "Product Order Form." Most people work at work. I do not.


Done in class after the assignment was given-


This one was done in the spirit of "Doctor Tongue" from the opening credits of "Day of The Dead."


I was on the verge of being drunk when I drew this one. Might explain why her hair is all batshit crazy.


I drew this one during a break in school. I thought it was a good idea to throw a male in there because people were getting the impression I didn't like women. But, just another example of people reading way too much into things.


I did this one at work, too. I was going for flat-out gross. Something along the lines of a 24-hour Fitness trainer -


They were all drawn in my sketchbook, and the damn scanner at school added a blue aura to most of them.

I wasn't sure where this sort of topic fit, so I went ahead and put it in the general are as it has nothing to do with Predator.



My gawd Rob you are one talented ugly mother.. *Gurgled voice* Mother Fucker? I like the truck stop guy rofl.


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Rob man you're so unbelieveably talented. It's a pleasure looking at your artwork, the detail and outcome is always amazing


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pffft quit doodling and start pumping out some new Predator drawings Rob !!

ps, zombies look wicked


Awesome drawings mate, they look extravagant even though they are zombies, very detailed creepy death harbouring zombies.
Did somebody say Zombie? Awesome drawings. You should check out a Marvel Comics mini series called what else, Marvel Zombies. I got my name sorta from this cause Im a nut when it comes to Marvel stuff and I love Zombies too, so the two go hand in hand. .'.

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