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This is for all the new members who are looking for Predator parts to make a costume for Halloween. Please understand that most of the suits you see on this site have been put together over a long period of time - 6-12 months on average. Most of those suits are VERY expensive - $2000-$3500.

To give you a more accurate idea of the costs involved, here are some average prices for Predator suit parts:

-latex skin (body suit): $300-500 (more if painted)
-latex and resin armor pieces: $300-$500 (more if painted)
-latex head: $200 raw. Up to $400-600 painted
-Bio helmet: $200 raw. $250-$350 painted
-dreads/dread rings: $100-$300
-all the miscellaneous parts - netting, bones, small animal skulls, lasers or LED's, etc

If you get all the parts raw (unpainted), you could be looking at around $1000, but be prepared to figure out how to paint latex so that the paint doesn't crack when its flexed. If you want it all painted for you, then you are looking at $2500-$3000. Again these are average prices. All the costs vary from person to person.

Painting latex is tricky - search for more info if you plan on doing it yourself. If you want things painted for you, the costs vary depending on who you get to do it.

We are a very helpful community, but please understand - it is next to impossible to make a Predator suit in time for Halloween when it is only a month away- unless you plan on buying a Rubies cheap-o version, or trying your hand at making your own suit from scratch using paper mache, foamies and a Mr Incredible suit.

THE SEARCH BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND!!! Most of the questions you want to ask have already been asked, so please utilize the search function before asking your questions.


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Im hoping all the newb's read this, THESE WORDS SHOULD GO DOWN AS THE PREDATOR COSTUME MANUAL GUIDE....hehehehe. Thanks for posting this up.


Jason what you should do is have a 3 month wait time from the time they start their account and 100 posts. Not Spam before they can buy parts also. People jumping in here expecting to get a predator suit in a month damn noobs.


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Jason what you should do is have a 3 month wait time from the time they start their account and 100 posts. Not Spam before they can buy parts also. People jumping in here expecting to get a predator suit in a month damn noobs.
Jules, we've thought about a few things:

1. Age restriction (which can be bypassed). Plus we don't feel that Predator is limited to a certain age limit

2. 3 month wait time isn't gonna happen because we do not want to limit the forum to "certain" people. Its not an elite group - we just share a fascination for Predators!

3. Minimum 50 to 100 posts goes back to the last comment. People would comment just for the sake of commenting and we don't want people posting just to increase their post count. No one like a post whore lol!

4. What has been discussed is a min. number of posts before being able to sell in the BST. This is something that needs to be addressed with Faken/Andrew.

Every year at this time we always have an influx of new members who want to be Predator for Halloween, and thats cool - don't get me wrong - I'm all for it, but I've only seen a few people pull it off and that was with foamies. We have to welcome the new members and remember that we too were noobs - ya gotta start somewhere and this is the BEST place to do it!


Yeah Im hoping the newer people read this as well. This is very important, my own build, as "simple" as it seems, and basic as it is. It took me 3 months to do,
and Im still not completley 100% done with it. You cant have anything that good looking in that short of time. Unless you decide not to sleep now untill Halloween, but that is impossible, unless your a
miracle worker XD.


Take your time new guys!

Your build doesnt have to be 100% by Halloween, make it look good, even if it is partially done!


I think the main trouble is that newcomers simply don't understand the time, effort and money the goes into creating a wearable pred.
I know when I first joined and checked out the Buy and Sell I thought $450 was absolutely rediculous for a mask until I sat down did some researching and figured out just how much it costs and how much time, effort and tallent it takes to sculpt and cast one.
I have also noticed that there is a certain amount of trust and familiarity that one needs to build up to be considered a 'member' here (not sure I have achieved that yet) which I think is great, sorts out the serious members from the rest, it also makes that lair a friendlier place (not sure I have articulated my eords very well there but it is 3:30am at the moment )
So well said PredatrHuntr I think it should be manditory reading for all noobs

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this is a great thread, when i first joined i wasn't expecting a suit like lots of the noobs recently have been, i was just happy to
be here and i had my homemade suit anyway, but all together it took me like a year and 1500$ later to make my suit,
and that price is the total even after i painted it all and got lots of the stuff less then normal price

so Jason is right, this isent a last minute Halloween store !!

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I couldn't agree more. I have gotten a few pms from members with 0 posts asking about my suit. It is kind of annoying ( and it happens not just here but on all costuming forums) this time of year.


As a noob, I have to say this post is very informative, but aimed mostly at the wrong audience. I myself am one of the dreaded Halloween folk who discovered this site while looking up info for making my costume. I've been working on my costume since the end of August, and I will be spending about $400 bucks on it give or take. Now maybe it's just me, but I didn't join this forum expecting to have an amazing suit like many of you do. My goal was to have a passable Predator costume for a Halloween Party I'm going to. It doesn't need to be perfect, and it doesn't even have to survive the night. Now maybe some of the noobs on here are expecting to make top notch suits in just 2 months, and if they do, they are crazy. But I'm willing to bet that most of the Halloween noobs are just looking for tips to make a passable costume for Halloween.

So far on this site I have found a ton of great tips for my costume. For starters, I had no idea what I was going to make the dreadlocks out of. This site provided me with the answer. Caulk saver foam. It never would have occurred to me. Thanks to this site, I've already got my dreads well under construction. I was also struggling to find good images of the armor to work with. Again, this site saved the day by not only having many, many shots of Predator armor, but I even found cutting patterns and such for armor construction. Now as I said, I will be taking the easy route. My armor will involve cut and shaped plastic plates, riveted, glued, and sewed to some old football pads. Now will that look amazing? Probably not. But I bet with a little work I can end up with "decent". In the end, my costume will look better than most Halloween costumes, and it will have been home made, which is the fun part.

I know that for most of you, this site and hobby are a year round event. I understand that having an influx of people with similar taste, but not the same conviction, must be frustrating. However don't view us Halloween Noobs as a burden, instead view us and an audience to astound with your works and as students to teach some of your secrets to. Having spent large amounts of time and money on your suits, you can easily inform us noobs of what works and what doesn't. You can tell us what the fast and cheap methods are, and what the best and most accurate methods are. Let us decide what level of quality we require for our projects. Don't shun us, help us. The Halloween Noob of today may just be the Predator obsessed fan of tomorrow.


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cool pete, im glad the site has helped you and your on your way buddy and of course this thread isent aimed at you then,
i was in the same boat as you when i found this forum last august , lol so ur right , u may be a obsessed predator fan in time lol
like me .. ;)


i'm a noob here but i'm not askin for hand outs so i think this should be directed at people looking for a quick whatever i'm here to enjoy the site and just be a fan of predator lovers all over so it's not all of us newbies that r tryin to just say hey how much is it for a suit ya kno just sayin but i kno it's a little frustrating for people who have been here for a long time but i just wanted to say that not everyone here is just looking for an easy way to make a costume


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noobs are NOT a burden - just the opposite - we love seeing new blood! What irks us are the people whose first post is "where can I buy a pred Bio on the cheap?" Or, "Need to buy a full suit and have it ready by Oct 15th"

We are here to help everyone - not matter their budget or timeline, but we will be brutally honest about what it takes to get there.
Hey this post is very informative definitely great for noobs I myself am new to this and I understand the time and effort and
money is going to go into my costume when I build it I'm passionate and cannot wait till i finish but I'll never be finished as
when I finish one suit i will continue building more and more I love this site and respect all the hard work creators and member's
of this site put into it thanks heaps


Well I'm just happy to see that this isn't a inquisition against us noobs. I've found the site really helpful so far, even for my simple costume.

Now, does anyone know where I can get a Bio Mask on the cheap?

Kidding! I'm kidding!

I've already decided (well my FUNDS have decided) that I will be getting a crappy "costume store" Bio mask.

This one in fact

Not very pretty, but I think with a little modding and a repaint, I can make something decent out of it. Thankfully I have a huge supply of a variety of screens to make the eye screen from. I used to repair screen doors/windows. Decent money :)