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    Ok hello i hope im am doing this right. I just joined the hunters lair last night. I have never joined a forum before so please bear with me on all this. First off let me say that all of the suits i have seen that have come from you guys or are bad with parts u guys have sold are absolutly beautiful. Ever since i have been a lilttle kind i always wanted one of these that looked this real but could never find out how to get one untill now. i came across a bunch of videos of you guys or videos that other ppl mention you guys on you tube. i would love to buy one of these suits but lol i work at a wallmart so as you can guess im poor. But i would like to see if there might be a way for me to get one from you guys maybe a peace at a time like the head and mask stuff and the just go from there. i dont know if thats possable. Anyway thank you for your time now i think i will look around this place and hope i can find my way because im pretty computer stupid. lol Thanks again
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    Hey Pain
    I think there are a few ways to go. Depends on what you are after, your skills and money.
    Full on, where a high level of attention to detail and some pretty good skills with moulding, latex, etc, and quite a few dollars and many hours, or NEGE (near enough's good enough), which is the way I had to go. I don't have the time or dollars (or the skills) to make an authentic suit. What I did pull together though, has impressed all who have seen it, and everyone at a large party wanted photos with me. My kids love it, and it is fun scaring their friends
    It wouldn't stand up to much scrutiny from Predator fans though.
    I am in Australia, so the masks are over $100 here, and you can get them for $50 in the US, so you have a head start.
    My motocross body armour was $50 of Ebay, and the spray paint was aluminium with a dusting of matt black over the top. Perhaps start with a mask and then make bits and pieces as you go,
    Whatever you do, have fun.
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  3. Pain Is MyPower

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    Yeah i understand that, i couldnt put together put my hands together to clap without instructions. lol So i have no idea where to even begin on this. I just know i have seen some of these guys suits and i want one really really bad lol. Like i said before right now i would be happy with just the head. You know like the head with the deads and a bio mask. but i dont even know how many peaces that is. I know the dreads and the bio mask are two diffrent peaces. But how many peaces does the rest of the head take to make? Or is the rest just one peace?, and who do i even talk to about this? lol I tryied to look around this place the last time i was on but kept getting confused lol but like i said im pretty computer stupid. I have a berserker predator mask i got here in the states but it does not look real enof for my taste. I want something that looks very real. As far as my skills go like i said i have none lol i would be worried that if this is alot of peaces going into just the head even that i would get them then not be able to figure out how to put it together right. but i dont know it could be really easy. I have no idea lol
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    who do u think the youngest member on the lair is??/
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    P.I.M.P. you have a lot of reading to do. Putting together a Predator costume is neither quick, easy or cheap. Learning the basics of what a Predator is should be your first priority. The helmet or Bio is a large single piece. Depending on style it may have a few smaller pieces to glue on. The dreads are the thick black hair off the back of the head, generally about 40-60 of them. The mask or head is usually about 7 pieces, the head, four to 6 teeth, and two lower mandibles. Again, depends on style and who makes it.

    Your going to spend a couple hundred dollars for each part, mask, bio and dreads. This forum is set up so that sellers and what is available is easy to find. I highly recomend researching the forum for answers. When I joined a few months ago I opened each section and started reading evry thread and post from oldest to newest. Yeah it took a long time and I still have questions but now I am more informed as to what I want to know.

    A Predator suit can be built on a budget over time. That's my plan as well. Good luck with your plan but realize your wanting to start out with the three most expensive parts of a budget build.

    Research, Read, and Respect. The three R's of building a Predator costume and being a contibuting memeber of the Lair.

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  6. bloodpred

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    its not all that expensive.... i built all of my vaccum form bolds for under $10.... and the clay for the under mask cost me a good 60-90 dollars.
    very important that you know ho to sculpt if you plan on making a under mask
  7. 1elder

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    ok first off let let me just say im sorry, i am what you guys call a noobie i was one of the bozo's who joined then asked where can i buy a reasonable costume without reading this post i have to say it was not my plan to piss anybody off and for that im truly sorry. now i have been a pred fan since day one and pretty much any of winstons creatures so im not in this to get a cheap costume im currently in the process of building a quality suit and have gotten some really great ideas here on the lair.just want you all to know im very thankful for all the help and idea's, there is just so many talented people here and again sorry if i pissed anyone off .
    thanks again
  8. The Director

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    Everyone is a noobie at one point. It's just that most people should read up on what the forum has to offer before posting a question that can be easily answered with a little searching on the forum.
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    I strongly agree with this comment. Getting used to the Advanced Search will be better off for you in the long run. Foremost, you'll figure out how to best use it. Secondly, you won't annoy other members who have already seen similar threads, time and time again (What kind of clay? What colors should I use? Airbrush advice. Why is Gene so pretty?). Most of the question threads I've seen over the last few months are on subjects already addressed many times over. I used to try and guide people to those threads, but have simply gotten to the point where I Mark as Read and move on. The Lair is an AWESOME place to find information, but it really is up to each member to do their due diligence and thoroughly search out answers on their own, prior to jamming the thread list with repetitive questions. Happy Hunting!
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    how do u become a full member---HELP
  11. hannay07

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    So being the total noob I am, the first question I want to ask is where is a good place to get the latex to make a suit on your own? If not latex, what is the better material? I know that this is a huge project, but I have had people in my life who believe I can make a good suit, even if I doubt myself. Any helpful hints would be greatly apperciated.
  12. bloodpred

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    hobby stores carrie a jar of 8-16 OZ of liquid latex
    FYI--liqud latex smells like rotten fish o_O
  13. hannay07

    hannay07 Hunter

    Ok, thanks a lot for the info!
  14. 1elder

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    hey hannayo7 you can check out monster i believe they sell latex
  15. hannay07

    hannay07 Hunter

    Great, Thanks! I just checked the site. That has a lot of useful info too!
  16. TOOL

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    Hello everyone I Just joined a couple of weeks ago and I'm still in awe of all of the information here. WIth there being so many aspects to the suit, I've found just reading and takiing notes for the last two weeks was a good place to start. I think like anything the prep work and planning can be key to a succesfull project and can save you $$. Patience is a virtue and I'm beginning to realize I will need all of it to finish this project. After experiencing the duct tape dummy exercise (not my favorite) I can already say I have sweat and blood into this o_O . But with all of the info on here I think one can make or acquire the necessary items to make an exceptional unique Predator costume. Thanks for a great site.
  17. Tokugia

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    I must say that i am a noob to this site and i am fine with that i ended up finding you all by looking for ways to make an outfit on youtube of you all at some of the cons you all have been to. i had no idea how to start an outfit but by looking on this site an reading about all of this i have to say that this is a great place to learn an i hope to make a half-way descent looking outfit within a couple of months to come an maybe see some of you all at the new cons in 2012. :)
  18. seiller14

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    Thanks for this
  19. seiller14

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    This is the best thread so far for he information I have been looking for.
  20. Prednuttie

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    Good information but no way in hell i can afford up to 3,000 for a costume. I'm a short man lol. I'm 5'5 and i have no idea where to get parts for cheap or already built ones. I wanna be able to have my own Predator costume but i really never expected high prices would be very taxing if you're gonna build one or buy one. I'm very disappointed really. I wish i can do something like this instead of buying pathetic fake Predator costumes that would make me look stupid lol.

    If you know anyone or a website that has a good affordable range then hit me up please. Thanks!

    I can totally buy a special mask made from a few good legit websites. Sure i can afford that for sure but when it comes to the outfit then that's a bit of a problem.
  21. hannay07

    hannay07 Hunter

    Always keep an eye out on the marketplace here. You can find stuff for cheap here and there. I used one of the hutorials to make my feet. Less then perfect sure, but it works and wasnt that expensive. So many people have helped me on my journey to creating my suit and I couldnt be more great full. I have learned that this is a trial by error type of project if you have never done it before. Be careful on ebay, because you get a lot of recasted items there as I have recently learned. If you are curious about it, ask someone. I couldnt tell you if its a recast or not, but I know that there are people here that can. What I found also helps when trying to make a good suit, is buying pieces within stretched timelines. You have to be patient (which Im learning to be lol) if you want a good suit. All that matters in the end is that you are happy with what you make, or have made for you. No one here is going to make fun of your suit or dog you. They will give advice and help if you want it. As far as I am concerned personnally, all the suits here are amazing because people put time, effort and heart into them. I know how cheesy that sounds I promise, but that what makes a good hobby. Have fun with it and be proud of what you make!
  22. SalaciousR

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    Noob here! Thanks for this post, I plan on making the search function my number one resource. This will be the first time I'm attempting a project like this and I am super excited! I'm not really here for the Halloween crowd, this is more for my own personal obsession with the Predators! Thank you in advance for the shared experience and knowledge! Good hunting.

  23. nismo300zx

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    Rob...prepare for a long and exciting journey! People will think you're nuts and sometimes you'll even question yourself at some point, but remember that the feeling of wearing it all together at the end is priceless.

    Study up on as much as you can before spending money. Research and exhaust all alternatives. And most importanly- BECOME the Predator!


  24. Pooka

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    I've been back and forth and reading and rereading posts. A noob yes.. a "damn noob".. no. As has been said..everyone starts out at the beginning at some point. I dont go asking questions all over the place. theres no need as most of the questions i have are answered in a post somewhere. This keeps my post count down and i'll post where i think is appropriate. I am a Predator fan. I have always been fascinated with it I am at college as a mature student. I am making a Predator costume. mask and scene settiing for my college show. This show is going to be on, on 1st May this year. Yes.. a few weeks away.

    so as i note a few posts which say you cannot build a costume ect in three weeks which is of any worth, i sit in my living room surrounded by all my latex, Mr incredibles suit, foamies, paint tubs, drill, glue gun, and all the other bits and bobs I have bought or found and i politely inquire with the hope of no one coming back to laugh in my direction.... where should I start the thread so i can add pictures of my build as I progress? Thank you.
  25. pred76

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    im a noobie and want to know where can I get the authentic looking perdator body suit?? I live in the uk and can only find the cheap crapy things, any help and advise would be great cheers

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