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    look in the market forum and you might find parts for the pred you want to get.Im a noob in uk,and as no one makes a full suit im after,will make myself.Cost so far is £800 ans expect total to be £1500/2000.If you want a great looking pred then lots of money will be needed.
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    just got the first layer of latex on my Mr Incredible outfit and its drying just now.. not saying its looking good at the moment but a few more will hopefully make all the difference. Think the arms are a bit too puffy and loose though. o_O
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    I'm embarrased to say as long as I've been a memeber the only item I've sucessfully finished is the bio (Though I have made more then one). Not for lack of great Huntorials and helpful like minded individuals but time and money can not be produced from thin air (Especially for those of us working more then 10 hours a day and supporting a family).

    Like the topic states you have to be willing to invest its either money or time, and some times its even both. The results though are the stuff legends are made of, even failures can be learned from. Every person has a different level of skill as well and their are enough people I think here that their should be something for everyones needs if they just use the search fuinction, or at the vary least ask for assistance in the right place. I've always found the people here patient and helpful.
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    Hats off to any newbie who can hold down a full time job and make even the "paper mache, foamies and a Mr Incredible suit" in a month!

    I've been working on a making decent pepakura/resin/bondo bio mask for almost a month.

    ...speaking of, I've got some more sanding to do!
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    Hi I'm knew and this really helped me so thx
  6. mjv305

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    Call me Noob, Shmoob whatever. Search functon did not work. I want a suit for next year Halloween. 370 days. I want to buy a legit badass costume contest winning one (not going to be entering in costume contests though). Where do i begin?
  7. Giles

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    You have 370 days which seems like a long time but it will vanish so quickly it is incredible. I am on my third halloween since deciding to "suit up" and have 2013 as my reveal halloween. Start by reading everything you can on the lair. A lot of the questions you will want answered will have been asked before. There are several incredible huntorials from budget builds to no exspense spared. Spend the first week reading, make a list of what you want to do. P1, P2 AVP even a lost hunter? How tall are you? Do you want to have feet with lifts to gain some inches? I'm 6' myself so i think i can get away with maybe 3-4 inch lifts plus about 5-6 inches with the mask and bio bringing me to about 6'8"-6'9" which should work for me. Do you want to make it yourself? Do you have the funds to buy everything? If you can huy evetything there is still the time factor involved. Welcome to the lair, read, ask questions and good luck!
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    I looked around and read around and i must admit, its overwhelming. Some of these costumes are insane and the more I look the more jealous i get. I am 6 ft. I like the P2 and lifts for sure. I don't have the time due to my training schedule nor artistic ability to make it myself. I would like to buy one but don't know where to start looking. I found a link on this website but it was dead. Any suggestions?
  9. carss66

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    look at the market section,bottom of main page.And under makers list,this will tell you who makes what.Also the sales section where you might pick up parts.Hope this helps.
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    [sup]Hello Pred world,[/sup]
    [sup] I've been looking at post and learning more about making/buying a costume for about 3 months now. And for the past halloween i decided to just buy the rubies one and the deluxe mask from amazon. I got it talored to me and added some modifications to it myself. (thanks to you all) I would have won first place, but ended partying because of the free drinks i got.... ;) (Took soooo many pictures here in Korea, felt like a SUPERSTAR) Now im ready to upgrade to the full suite. As stated before I'm in Korea and will be PSCing to New Mexico, Holloman this January. I have a decent budget and ready to get the best suite made. Furthermore, I'm 6'2" 210lbs. Who is the best out there? Thanks fellow Predators for the help. By the way, the first Predator was the best ;)[/sup]
  11. Nador

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    I already knew that it would be expensive... it's almost like every quality costumes ; You PAY for the QUALITY.  Or you buy professional products to make your own, Even mine is going to need lots of work on since it's aged....
  12. Nefaz

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    Self proclaimed noob here, and I have got to say this thread is very helpful and informative - so thanks a lot! :D  
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    I'm new and I'm planning on making my entire suit with no time limit. Step by step and piece by piece. I understand what the Vet Hunters expectations are and I respect ther thoughts here on the lair. So far the few I talked to where very helpful in getting my research on the way. I've been reading a lot here since I joined and taking lots of notes of what to do and what not to do. But if it wasn't for The Hunters Lair and it's members sharing thier experience.I wouldn't know what to do. Thanks Hunters. Ray.
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    I am a noob i just joined today after being informed by this group and welcomed by another member. il begin by saying is most noobs want a suit fast because they want to feel the power. i am a cosplayer and the feel you get when putting armor is like nothing you ever experienced before. With that said i prefer to take it slow and make it myself, im drawing blueprints to make MY very own Bio. Nothing ever seen in any movie/ comics.

    in short, noobs and i include myself, take it easy the harder you work on your costume the more respect you will gain from the Vets.
  15. Dita

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    This post has been very helpful! Thanks for taking the time out to post this. I have found a lot of helpful tutorials on the forum and am looking forward to posting the progress on my first predator suit. 
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    Thanks for the post as it has helped me understand more how this site and it's members work with their creations! Can't wait to start on a project with so much information available. I can't go wrong here! Being an artist I have always wanted to make my own costume, but my *skills* are lacking bigtime. I tried the Alien head once and got to about 20% before getting so frustrated I destroyed it! I think that's all going to change now.

    Thanks again guys!


    *edit: I tried to upload a couple Predator and Alien 3d renders but I guess I'll have to post more before I can do that. Kept getting an upload server error..:\
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    I am very new to this site and as a member and I am trying to find the prices  of all that is needed in swedish currancy,I tried searching for different currancy on here but nothing could be found. as I am bad at numbers I really could use any help possible,

    and I appologise if this post is in the wrong place

    SwedePredator (aka) Daniel M
  18. xdmray

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    Here Daniel.  just use this.

    looks like 1 US dollar equals 6.42 Krona.
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  19. SwedePredator

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  20. jker3377

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    Thanks for this. It really needs to be said, and heard. Being a noob myself, I can see the relavance this time of year. I've been studying and saving for the past 3 years to go nuts on building the perfect Predator costume. I just happened to join this forum at this particular time because I'm finally starting to build it. Not for Halloween, but because I wanna. Lol. I've been a Predator nut since I first saw the movie at 9. I built my first predator costume for a costume parade around school in the 5th grade. My project now is for conventions and pure enjoyment, and annoying the crap out of my girlfriend. I love that I've found a place where I'm not seen as a wierdo :) I look forward to getting to know you all, and learning from the best!
  21. seahunterr

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    Having a suit ready for whatever comes up is one of the best things you could have, except for maybe a batmobile. Shop around and find the parts you like best, my opinion invest in a quality mask and the rest will look great.
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  22. adamlucas64

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    Great info. Thanks for the break down. I now at least have an idea of how much I could ssh pending for a good predator costume. Thanks
  23. RedMantis

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    Thanks all for the helpful information and links.   The original post is very helpful.  I am a noob to this, but have been a fan of Alien/Predator movies ever since they came out in the theaters.   I have a fascination with this topic.  At times I find myself daydreaming what life forms would like like from other parts of the universe.  We are not the only ones in the universe.    I want to learn more about it.   I would eventually like to buy a suit in the next year or so.   First I must do extensive research on  this topic.  Funding for my suit would be no problem.   From reading posts on your site, I can see the dedication how some of you have with this site.  Any help in future would be greatly appreciated.
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    anyone that has a very long history of making fine scale models, such as ships and dioramas will tell you the same it took me over 2 years and many hours
    to build that damn ship(1:350 Yamoto) and a (1:350 USS Yorktown(Essex-Class)) :p lol unfortunately the pics i had of them are in stowage somewhere and hidden away i also helped someone with scratch build a 1:72 Scale USS Essex (CV-10) so as a noob to making a pred yes im new :love: but im no noob to scratch-building or detail the most important thing in any project is information and knowledge (y) and this place has a abudence of it if ppl come here thinking 1 month = suit send them where they can get that (n) but those that come here to learn will stay the course and build thier suit props ect will benefit the most and will stand apart :devil: just for those curious tho this is not the project i was involved in nor do i have anything to do with this picture here a example of what sort of work goes into a 1:72 scale carrier wich comes in at about 8 feet long
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  25. Chasing Coyote

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    il give you a bit of advice build one pred outfits are not just bought they are made some parts may be made but this site is full of info mate best reaction to a pred suit qustion comes from this answer "i built it my self" although in part its a white lie coz every tute and bit of info u learnt from other people sharing the same passion here at Hunters Lair one thing i will always stand by is this community tho i have not been signed here very long i have sat stalking in the shadows for quite some time its only now that i have decided it time to start building that its signup time  im still tossing up on buying my 1st mask or buying one making one allows me to help others but takes longer  and doesnt have the exact features i want buying one costs alot  but saves time at the mask alone unpainted ur looking at 200 easy sure $3000 off ebay for a outfit if u want that but cosplay is all about characters building your suit u become your suit and build its character yourself wich gives you more pride in it  if you really wana be a pred and want that awsome costume best place to be is right here building with everyone else :)

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