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    I am a "noob" and find this great advice and as a noob agree this should be the first page a newcomer to the site should see. I did plenty of research before even thinking of beginning this project and am very aware of the time and effort put into these suits by the people who make them. id also like to take the time to say how helpful and accommodating almost every pred head I have spoken to has been. great community of like minded friendly people and I hope to work my way up the ranks as it were to eventually becoming a full member. thanks all :)
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    Hey pain im a student and unemployed  my best advice save for parts that you cant afford and build your own youll find that it grows its own character  theres somee awsome huntorials out there and trust me u only neeed about $200 to get you started and even thent  break that down to 60 here n there till you got everything you need  easy as pie bud
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    Well this is my first post, so that makes me a n00b for sure.  But I am fully aware that it's gonna take time to do what I want to do: make a wearable, reusable, authentic as possible suit.  Having said that I'll say this:

    I got into astrophotography a few years ago and tried to elicit info from various forums, sites, etc. and the "elitist" mentality was the largest detractor to an almost impossibly difficult hobby to teach myself.  I still do it, but that's another point...

    I am aware of the difficulty I face.  My wife pokes fun at me because I try to do the most difficult things imaginable for hobbies, lol  But this is something I've wanted since the first Predator film came out (so am I really a n00b?), I just haven't ever had time.  And frankly, I have NO time right now, being a 1st year PA student.  But this is all part of the process for me, and at first glance, this forum seems an invaluable source of info.

    So be kind to the n00b because we need your help, not all of us are looking for a perfect suit on Oct 30.  ;)
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    been a member for some time now,yet i find it hard to find answers and topics about certain things,have started a budget build on suit with duct tape dummy etc
     I want advice and suggestions as it is important for me to get pointers.
    I have tried talking to a few members about how they did their suit,but seems many just order stuff and have no clue about clay material and what not,I would welcome hunters/preds closer to Sweden as I am trying my best to do my pred from budget material
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    Hello it's me the new noobie on the block!! I'm posting here because you have to start somewhere. I've seen predators at various cons that i've gone too and said "WOW"!! So that is why i have joined the "Predatorium" so i can be the one to get the "WOW"!! So yes i'm new to this but i'm not new to sci-fi and what i want and what i want is to make a predator!! I own all the predator movies, all the video games, dolls and alot of the comics. I know how long it takes to make a suit from talking to the predators at the cons. So i'm not here to buy one and jump in to this, i want to build my own and yes i've already been to the marketplace. I've contacted one of your members about a mask because i belive that would be the hardest piece for me to make!! Plus i need to start somewhere!! So yes some noobs can be pains in the a** , but some just want help and definitely will need it!! SO Hopefully somebody out there will be kind to the new "noobs" and lend a hand, advice, and support!! So thanks for your time and hopefully someday there will be a new "SAMURAI PREDATOR" stalking the cons one day!!!!
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    I'm newcomer and would "Mostly Come out at night, Mostly." This post helped change my mind to join. I'm not ready for this family. But, "I'll be back."
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    What? I did nothing! It wasnt me! :D
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    I can't get my head around some things. Though you two could help. :p
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    Noting that this post is rather dated. I think there is a need for an updated one. Nonetheless prices have only increased since 2009.
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    I'm a newb (just signed up today), but I've been wanting to make a yautja suit for months. I don't even want it for Halloween, I just want a homemade predator suit, and I need a project to work on. I found this site while looking for how to make them and this site has been extremely helpful in my journey.
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    This one should be updated! Yikes I wrote this back in november...
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    LunaticNic can you help me write up an updated version please if you have the time. I know your windows is acting up so whenever you get the chance to let me know I'd want to create one that is as informative as possible.
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    I'd be happy to, but my PC won't be back up until beginning of next month.
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    I wrote a mock version, could you please read it.
    Also, Jason was right all along. I do have regrets on this I really do. Some of this information is gold, I wish I took those in when I started out...
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    If Nic can't, I'll be happy to leand a hand, if you want me to ;)
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    I have written up a mock, can I email it to you?
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    "Time gone" ? hehehehe you wanted to say that this TIME gave you experiences ;-)

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