Sort of Predator related, sort of not. Mostly not.


So hey guys, I stumbled over here after seeing a blog about how one of your members fashioned a muscle suit for a Predator costume out of upholstery foam. I've watch a ton of video and read a bunch of different ways to do it including one involving a Mr. Incredible suit. I love Predator and I'm definitely a fan, but in this case I'm actually making a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume and it just so happens that the methods used to make the muscle suit is similar enough that I thought I could learn some tips from you guys on how to make it look the best.

I had bought a olive green zentai suit with the hopes of using that for base. I sculpted the legs, and arms so all I need is the torso and the upper legs. I didn't sculpt the whole suit because I thought the foam/spandex route would be easier to move in. Plus, I've seen some that look nearly as good as a sculpted suit if done right.

I just realized that the way my shell is set up with a backpack in the back to hold it on to me, the torso has to cover it up and a zentai suit is one piece so I need to figure out a different garment to use as the torso/legs. I also wanted to know about specific tools or tips on carving the foam (I bought a 15 dollar couch at goodwill to gank the foam from it.) Also, any suggestions on smoothing out the muscle structure and giving it a reptile like texture!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile I'll go dig through some threads here and see what I can find on my own!


Young Blood
If its real thick, use a hot foam cutter for smooth edges,etc. You can get those at most hobby shops. For the thin stuff, I just use a box cutter.