Sound system advice


question for anyone that uses a sound system with their suit..
Where do you find the best place to secure your speaker is?
Some seem to just hang one on their belt (in full view?), others in their back pack. Where do you find best.
My plan is to use a ROM/FX speaker connected to an ipod shuffle that will play a loop of various sound bites I've collected. i'm just not sure where I should consider hiding it all.


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4 Options.
Gauntlet, Med Kit or inside the bio mask or their belt.
My advice would be putting the speakers on your med kit a strong stable surface. The speakers can be hidden underneath your dreads.



Here's what my plan is for a Bluetooth speaker...

Securely strapped into the underside of the Med Kit, the white button you can see is directly under where the plasma cannon sits. so the top of the speaker will be right next to your neck. I haven't completed this yet, I'm still trying to figure out how to hook the med kit to the chest armor or strap it around the suit, its got some weight to it now...

Bomb Gauntlet.PNG

Sliding my phone into the bomb gauntlet which will play the Yautja symbols on a loop and also have a few sound files on it.

Hope this helps.


lovely too see all off this im building my suit too i gonna hide soundboard powerbank and all electronic controllers in my backpack and for controlling them i gonna use wirers running from the back pack to my left gauntlet i have the p1 suit i gonna put them in the tube wich runs from the chest to the arm and the backpack i gonna attach with magnets wich are in my suit glued and for the speakers also in my backpack its gonna be heavy all togheter but im strong builded so i can wear a lot of weight with no problem greetings


For power I use this: USB Power Adapter For Dewalt Li-ion Battery DCB091 Charger Concerter With DC 12V Output Heated Jacket - -

With a dewalt battery 20V6.0AH. Rechargable and durable as all get out. a 2.0AH may work depending upon power needs.

I use this rig for my power amplification needs:

You will need a pro grade competition grade car audio speaker to handle the audio output. The throw will be massive. And best of all adjustable. There is also a similar unit out there that also has a Bluetooth input so you could play stuff from your phone.