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I would like to give specials thanks to a few people on the lair and that are not on the lair Larry, Mel, Jason, Andrew, and DB.

Larry (gk asylum) for sharing his advice and having all those kick ass paint ups on his web site and sharing his paint ups here. They have helped me to grow in my painting.
Mel (BIGGUNNS) for taking the time to point out weathering to me and guiding me to become better at it.
Jason (PredatrHuntr) for pointing out spot patterns and how they should flow on a mask.
Andrew (kithunter) for starting the forum and help making peoples dreams come to life.
Dan (PredatorDB) for teaching me the fine arts of molding and casting resin and latex.

I know a few of these people will never see this post, but if it wasn't for them I would still be in the dark. Sometime you have to stop and thank the people for sharing there gifts to others. I have only grown from coming to the lair and have met tons of people in life and chat.

Thank you all for helping me to grow.


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Well big guy, you need to be thanked as well. You have shown tutorials on painting, weathering, you made the manual for putting together DB's suit, you made the pred body head and Bio into a stencil (I cant remember what you called it) so that people could use them to design their own colors, etc, and you have provided numerous reference pictures for those in need. Not to mention the advice you give out to people who ask. You have been a huge contributor to the Lair...


I agree! They all deserve a great THANK YOU!
I also want to thank you for sharing your incredible work and vast amount of reference!
Now, I'm a little concerned man?! Why did you change your Pred avatar? :) All of this is sounding like some form of goodbye!?

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Thanks Jason and Bovine, But this posting is not about me. The info I give out come from what I have read, learned, and from chatting with these people in life and chat.

Mike (drgnfyre4) is a guy that made me think out side the box and work on a budget.
Gary (Shai`tan) for making me buy a disk/belt sander and a scroll saw, this opened up new directions.
Maverick118 the man that made this foamie AVP armor and cannon. Man when I saw that crazy stuff, I had to keep checking back to see what new item he was going to make. Everyone has their own reasons for coming back and Maverick118 was mine.


Yes...Thanks for all those air brush tutorials on mask painting,weathering effects on bio's,and
everything else you shown us.Right on for that bro!

gk asylum

Thanks for the nice words Mortal!
I'm not on this board too much anymore
but I'm always happy to help a brother out.
Your post means a lot to me.
I appreciate it.
Ooooh you'll make me blush :)  nice to know some of what I do has been of use. But I think a thank you to you wouldn't go amiss either, as without you posting up your incredibly detailed walkthrough's on airbrushing I wouldn't have gone out an bought a set up of my own. SO THANKS SCOTT . Like Larry I'm not able to get on here so much any more but if anyone needs a helping hand and is on a budget I'll always hand out a tidbit of advice.


Hey there, Scooter. Thanks for all the long nights in chat just sittin' around and bullshitting for the past year. It was fun. I know I'm not in chat as much anymore (thanks to a day job that has me up by 6 am...BLAH), but I'll be there as much as possible if you're up for some more bullshitting. In the mean time, have fun making your suits and such. Take it easy there, my little yellow friend.

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I can forget Dan (Faken) for taking over the new lair and keeping it running. This forum is not ran by one man alone, its all the rest of the people that come here to share there skills and to learn. This is what makes this forum special. Theres always going to be a small amount of drama, but for the most part its just a place to hang your hat.

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I forgot all the people that make all the items. I'm not going to list all the people or even try.(You all Know who you are) If it wasn't for some of the coolest makers of these pred parts, I would've had nothing. Its all the talented makers and molder that should have some credit and thanks.

Then theres the people that designed, maked, and painted the cult classic beast in all his glory and brought him to life.

I just keep thinking and there are so many people to thank.

This is my last post in these thread I hope. If I missed anyone I sorry and would like to take this time to Thank You as well.



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way to many people to list....

but most of all i want to thank the people that said it couldn't be done. the lair has proven one thing in my life, if you have enough passion for something .....you can achieve anything.

To all past, present, current and future members....keep the faith