Spoof Pred Model Shot Request...



Do any of you have shots of the model kit that came out a few years ago that depicted a Pred smoking a cigar with a big beer belly in boxers with fuzzy slippers reclining in a lazy-boy chair with I believe a beer in one hand and a remote control in the other? I have only these lame shots of it...





Im not familiar with that one, but i do like this one.


Special Edition


Born: Bowel de Rim

Date of Dump: July 1987.

Lives In: Amazon Bowel

Production run: 5,000

ID: TSF009

Predaturd is an Extra Turdestrial warrior from the Outer Rim, whose fearsome appearance hides a secret: he is the crappiest hunter of his species.

During their voyage to the Rings of Uranus, Predaturd stowed away on Rim Trek's spacecraft, able to avoid detection by making himself invisible. This ability to disappear up his own ass, although painless enough, can be quite disturbing to watch. A collision with the G.A.S.A. space station "Reir" sent debris from the Benderprise splashing down in the Amazon Bowel Drain Forest. Here the Predaturd set up camp and the safari began.

Predaturd has the urge to hunt, but barely enough ability to catch a cold. According to Rimdianna Jones - fearless explorer, his only confimed kills are some ferocious flies, although rumours persist that he may have moved on to bigger prey...

Predaturd has been hand painted and is made of polyresin this special edition figurine stands approximately 15cm/6" high and comes with collectors individually numbered certificate and log book.

This is the most hyped Turd in history. Predaturd has been kept under lock and key, held in as it were for an unhealthy amount of time before its imminent release to an expectant public.

Based on the iconic Predator (the alien from the film of the same name), Predaturd has caused more internet hubbub among the Turd community than any other Turd released.

Likes: Making an entrance and chasing sh*t flies.

Dislikes: Rimdianna Jones and fast prey.

Catchphrase: Now you smell me, now you don't!


That's so funny I almost crapped my pants!! Oh...wait...I
did crap my pants!!! And it's the Predaturd!!!!
Dear God, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!