Spring Break


Elite Hunter
Great. I've been to Cancun and more accurate Playa del Carmen last year, but I was immensly annoyed by drunk American-teenage kids who couldn't stand any alcohol, which caused them to talk even louder than they already did. It was embarrassing. Eek-event was a 40 year old dude hitting on this 17 year old chick who could've easy passed as his daughter, and he wasn't subtle either...

Anyway: if you're all in for cheap leasure: do it. If you want more substance I'd suggest you go further into the country.


Ah yes, all very good comments and good advice thanks haha, especially TMI's . To be honest yeh I just want a good lively break in the sun and have a good laugh with mates, but obviously not stayin smack bang in the middle of drunk jailbait, Im a bloody gentleman, dont you know haha. Ill go discuss with the lads in the pub................More info or advice, from you headcases, is, as usual, appreciated.


Well, its either the vacation, or the same amount of money to be spent on my ongoing quest for the one thing we all strive for, a PRED! Im slowly being swayed into the pred side, vacation can wait maybe..............opinions?????????


That, and stay away from foodstands. Most decent restaurants have quality food, but the smaller ones really are a guarantee for diarea... Or Slipshit, as I like to call it...
Yep, I live a few hours north of the US / Mexico Border and you have to be careful what you eat and drink. We call it trouser chili


Might wanna consider going a little farther north to Lake Havasu, Az. Same action, better food, good water and you can visit The London Bridge.

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