Started wheathering "Topknot" Bio (NEW PATINA PICS ADDED 06/13)

Just a few pic of the wheathering. I have since done a black wash and I am doing alot of patina work. I want this guy to look like he's been in the jungle a long time. Hope to get the patina picks up next week.





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Thats cool looking. Are you going to show pics with the blade out? I recall when you were molding that. And if I recall correctly, there was a Top Knot head that you were working on too wasn't there?


That looks great so far. I dont think you need to add too much more to it but thats just me, I dont really have much experience when it comes to painting or anything along those lines so my opinion can be taken with a grain of salt. Cant wait to see what it looks like when your finished with it.


Another labor of love a long time in the making another appearance on these pages.
SHWEEET! How close are you to completion, Alpha?


It's been along time since I last saw anything on this Bio, but I have to say that it's looking very tidy indeed. The weathering is coming along nicely and is looking suitably battered. This should be another cracking addition to add to the already large collection of unique Bios this site has inspired. :p


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Here is a pic of what I saw when it was first being created:

(Alphatech, if you want me to remove that pic, just let me know)



Can I ask how you do the aged patina look? You just using putty with some green in it and spreading it around? It looks awesome!
Hey Faken, I bought a patina kit at Lowes for the main green color. After studying some photos of patina I ended up using a greenish brown for a first coat. A couple of blue greens next, and finally the green patina.


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Although the effect looks pretty authentic, the placement is kinda off. It should appear in the sunken parts of the helmet that won't get touched often, not on smooth surfaces that come in contact with hands, prey and other stuff. But that's just my 2 cents...
I thought about that. I decided that this guy has been in the jungle a long time and the helmet doesn't get taken off on this planet. I also looked at alot of photos of patina. Patina occurs on any kind of surfice and pretty randomly. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.