Statue Help


I'll keep it simple:

My objective: To convert a horrible latex P1 costume into a permanent statue of the classic crouching P1

My question: Is a foam filled duct tape dummy with a pvc armature be the best way to form the statue body?
I also have a 1/2" galv pipe traveling up through the pvc spine to support the odd center of gravity.

Background: My amazing wife bought me a P1 latex costume off the evibay. Unfortunately she was ripped off as I think the suit is a REALLY bad recast from a guy 6', 250 but I am 5"6" 160...LOL. I have been researching the huntorials for some time and just hope I am on the right track.

Any advise or suggestions welcome..



Thanks Nintendude,

We'll see if the plans work I started up the duct tape dummy today.

As per your question I hate to talk bad about folks but I found a similar Ebay Link. Much of the armor doesn't line up, detail is washed out and there is no musculature in the chest. He is honest about it taking a lot of work but the casting is horrendous. I ended up cutting down every seam to better line the details and eliminate huge globs of paper and latex pushing up through the two halves.

thanks for your support
This is the second time I've seen a thread about this "kit". I wonder if Pete is aware of this seller...

Personally, I've tried to use Great Stuff to fill a duct-tape body; horrible results. Smooth-On foam isn't going to be cheap, per se. A couple of cheaper ideas I would propose:

1. Recycle bin at your local supermarket. Snag all the plastic bags that people recycle. Couple trips and you'll have enough. If you're worried about bugs, through them in a trash bag, spray it with bug spray, and quickly seal it. Let it sit outside for a few days and then open it up and let them air out. Actually, I wouldn't do that; I'd move on to suggestion 2 if I was really that concerned...
2. Go to JoAnn's Fabrics and get Poly-fill batting. Pack it around the pipe within the dummy.
3. Also consider doing research to make an armature with movable joints, so you can repose the display, should you feel inclined.

Good luck and be sure to take pics and post them!


Awesome Darth thanks for the advice. That really sucks about the suit, I hate when people lose cash they rightfully deserve. I could only imagine how awesome he original most have looked.

The recyclables is a great idea for a cheap filler. I placed slip joints in the middle of the major long bones and it really allows the skeleton to articulate. Since these photos I have moved the upper arms back, forearms further out peripherally, shortened the upper legs and spine.

thanks again, off to get some bottles.