Storing Website and Webpages

Mortal Immortal

Elite Hunter
As most of you now I like to archive pictures and websites. Websites don't last for ever, I hate to go to one of my favorite sites and its gone. So I back everything up on my sever. I use two different programs for this Webstripper and Adobe Acrobat. Webstripper is a program that will make a copy of the whole website with a few clicks to your hard drive. Acrobat I use to just store a page or two to keep all the info handy just in case I need to reread or study the info. I have be doing this since 1996 and have tons of stuff people may never see. So if you see something you like and want to store it these are two great programs for it. The bad thing about storing all this info is hard drive space.

Store it while you can, because it might not be there tomorrow.


You have to be very careful with this... duplicating and storing content like that is illegal and while most people won't care, it could land you in hot water if you're not careful. Like I personally wouldn't care if you kept a copy of a photo I took on your drive, but I'd be upset if next year you use it for your own purposes and not ask me permission to do so, like using it as a header on your personal website. If it was profit oriented, that's even worse. Not saying YOU would do this, I just want to warn everyone to be careful with what you store and how you use that stored content later on down the road :)