Stormtrooper Bio - First Cast Painted And Pics On A P1 Mask

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by troggs, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    A good friend of mine has asked me if I would be interested in having a go at sculpting a stormtrooper bio based around his design -

    It looks like a nice design to me and as I've got some WED clay I want to have a play with I thought I would have a go.

    I made a wire and plaster armature to fit my custom mask, ( I think it was Predatrhuntr who did a tutorial on it, so thanks for that) covered it in foil, then blocked out a basic shape just to get some measurements.

    I must admit that so far I'm enjoying working with the WED clay, so much quicker than Klean Klay, which is what I've been using up till now.
    Back to the sculpting...
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  2. Predataur

    Predataur Unblooded

    Best idea ever!
  3. J Sauto

    J Sauto Young Blood

    I love the design! What's next, "Predfett"?
  4. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Thanks guys, "Predfett" - sounds like it could work
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  5. Pred4550

    Pred4550 Blooded

    Very cool idea ! :)
  6. Predlethe

    Predlethe Blooded

    Looking forward to seeing this one progress!
  7. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    Check CoolleKotten's art work for the best PredFett.  Awhile back there was  the As You Wish Charity auction where different artists were given a Fett lid to do what ever they wanted with.  We as a group were supposed to make a PredFett lid but it never came into fruition.  A couple people on here did up some drawings and CoolleKotten did a spectacular job with it.

    Nice start so far.  I would suggest making the snout blend into the cheeks better to match the art work better.  Right now you have a hard line.
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  8. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Thanks for the advice, I had a look at Coollekottens artwork on the PredFett lid, I agree, she did a great job, tied the 2 concepts together nicely. Maybe a project for the future?

    I've started to get the basic shape down now, taken your advice and tried to blend things in more, so far I'm enjoying working with the WED clay, not too sure what it's going to be like for fine details though.




    Now that I've seen photos of the sculpt, I think I may have made the oval shapes of the trooper part too large.

    What do you guys think?
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  9. Predasaurus

    Predasaurus Blooded

    That looks pretty cool! I love the unique design!

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  10. backbone

    backbone Blooded

    I personally like the storm trooper part being more prominent. The crown shape could be a little wider and more shapely i think. What really matters is if you like it that way.

    Overall i like it, especially the concept drawing.

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  11. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    looking much better in the nose area.  i think the more important thing with the trooper cheeks is over all proportions.  right now the dome seems too small width wise compared to the cheeks.  try increasing the  dome width or decreasing the cheek size.  i think that might help you with the look.  Looking good though.
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  12. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Thanks for the comments and advice guys, Xdmray - your advice about the overall proportions being the important thing really helped. I decided to widen the crown a bit, but took a load off the cheeks and made the indents a lot smaller to try and make it look more balanced. Still a way to go but I'm starting to feel a lot happier with the proportions now.


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  13. Uhlakk

    Uhlakk Hunter

    Great stuff buddy! Keep the good work going!
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  14. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Thanks Uhlakk, I managed to get a couple more hours in tonight, realised I needed to do a lot of work on the crown, but I think I've finally got the basic shape where I want it now.





    Still got to work on the symmetry, feel like I'm getting somewhere now though.
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  15. J Sauto

    J Sauto Young Blood

    Looks great! I love all the overall symmetry.
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  16. REYALS

    REYALS Elite Hunter

    I like the design. I hope you can bring this to life. What you have so far, is looking pretty cool though.   :p
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  17. Klwl

    Klwl Blooded

    Will you be adding the black tube piping near the bottom between the mic tips?
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  18. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Thanks, still a few bits to adjust.

    Thanks, I see you quoted j. Sauto's post about Predfett, if this works, then I quite fancy a bash at that.

    I think I will add it, wasn't too sure how it would look, but I think it will reinforce the Stormtrooper look
  19. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    I managed to get on with some more shaping tonight, got the tri laser housing roughed out first; then I decided I still didn't like the holes for the mics, so they've been reshaped, and I've put some bits I had in my spares box in for now just as a reference.

    Started on the black piping just to get a rough idea what it will look like, something's wrong but I can't put my finger on it, so I'll come back to it tomorrow with a fresh mind.



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  20. wonko

    wonko Hunter

    This is very cool.  I always thought the combo of  bio and a stormtrooper lid was a cool idea.  

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  21. Klwl

    Klwl Blooded

    Now it looks like a TK bio!  Great job so far...I'm in for one of these once completed :)
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  22. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    Many thanks Brian, been having a blast sculpting this.

    Thank you, I've been using my trooper helmet as a reference, trying to blend the designs together while still keeping the main features noticeable.
    I'm hoping to order my supplies tomorrow, then if all goes to plan, I'll have it ready for moulding early next week.
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  23. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    I think I've finally got the basic shape as I want it now, so I started to do some refining tonight, mainly getting on with sorting the symmetry out. I roughed out the hose connector, reshaped the tri laser housing and basically started to tidy everything up.



    Still a way to go yet, but enjoying it so far.

    There's one thing I'm unsure about at the moment though, should I sculpt the mics in place, or should they be made as separate pieces?

    I'm inclined to go for separate pieces, but I'd be interested to heat what you guys think, thanks.
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  24. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    While I'm waiting for my sealer to arrive I decided to get on with what I thought were microphones, but when I googled for images I found out they are called aerators.
    Anyway, after searching through my spares box, I found some bits which went together without too much work, and I cut up an old speaker grille for the mesh.

    Once I'd glued them together, I ended up with these, they just need a bit of cleaning up before moulding in silicone.


    Now to find some bits for the tri laser...
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  25. troggs

    troggs Hunter

    I found some bits in my spares box again to make the tri laser housing, I cut down some tube shapes I found, the centre part is from a pen.

    The base is a piece of plastic trim cut to shape.

    To make the shapes in between the lasers I thought it would be easier to sculpt them out of Klean Klay.


    The aerators and tri laser are now in silicone, just waiting for my sealer to arrive so I can mould the bio.
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