Swedish Predator, First Costume Done, Now On To My 2Nd ;)


Hey guys!
I found this site like two years ago and spontaniously decided to build my very own costume, in time for halloween. I completed it in 6 weeks, using nothing but paper-maiche and textile, and the result turned out to be quite good I think. Also it only costed me around 100 USD to complete. I´ve had many fun times with it so far, 2 halloweens a few masqerades to meantion some.

..but, NOW I'm about to start building a real mean beast, inspired by all of you and your amazing suits. I think it will take me aprox 6-9 months, and I can´t wait to share the finished result with you guys. This one I will put my very soul into doing, with molding latex, LEd's, airbrushing etc..I'll keep you posted, for those who are interested!

In the meanwhile, check out my first costume and please tell me what you think. Have in considiration that its made entirely of paper-maiche and textile for the low cost of 100 bucks! :)

//Johan, Stockholm Sweden



You hit a home run for $100.00! I can't wait to see what you do on the next build. Are you going to start a WIP?

You did a great job on the armour. I really like the design on the shoulder/back armour and think you did it really well even if its just papier mache. Just goes to show how much you can actually do with a limited amount of money - but more imagination and will. :)
Good luck with the suit upgrade and be sure to post a WIP about it!
Lycka till!


Young Blood
Awesome to see more Swedish members on here, I could sure need your help when making my first Warrior Predator costume