teeth for rubies mask


Today I cast a set of teeth for my modified Rubies pred mask:


I also cast a couple of Klingon toe claws:


I made the models in clay, molded them using Smooth-On Oomoo foam rubber and cast them in SmoothCast resin.

I think I'm getting the hang of this "casting" thingie. Too bad my sculpting skills still suck. :)

I'll soon be ready to cast a new version of my "smart shuriken".


Because it was cheap. :)

Back when I first made my suit, I was poor and on a budget, and did it as cheaply as I could.

Now, I own my own business and can afford anything I want, but I still prefer the budget scratch-builds. Any schmuck can write a big check and get a great-looking suit that was made by somebody else. But making one's own, especially on a low budget, requires imagination and creativity--things which most people don't have.


Great job on the teeth and the Klingon claws.....

And I totally agree with LFlank on this, to make your own "budget Build" and or "Scrath Build" is a great accomplishment.
Someone on here said in a post once...."That no matter how the suit was made, it being a budget scratch buildn or it being an official work
From one of the great suit makers on the lair, all suits look goodn and all that matters is that you like it and feel good about it!!!!!
love it, thanks for the idea, i too have the Rubies Deluxe and am currently modifying it and I'm glad I came across your post because those teeth make it look even better, I'll be wearing this mask for this years Halloween while I'll also be in the process of molding and making my own custom mask, I've never worked with clay but there's always a first time for everything and thankfully I do have an artistic & creative mind


I actually modded these teeth further a little while ago, by taking a set of Halloween "vampire" teeth, cutting off the fangs, then gluing the teeth into place:

great job on the teeth, another budget way to make them is to use polymorph plastic, plastic pellets you put in hot water then handshape into fangs tusks or whatever, great stuff and cheap to