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  1. Termokk

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    Hey Everyone!

    Thank you for visiting the sale thread!

    Please Visit Our Etsy Page for Other Masks For Sale
    Costumes, Props, and Masks! by NightmareFXStudio

    Please message me if you want to purchase something or have any questions I didn't cover here.
    Paintings can be customized if you have something new in mind.
    All prices are in US dollars.

    All items are hand made so will vary slightly. I always do my best to make sure everyone is happy with what they purchase from me, but I cant offer refunds on items that are purchased and tried on. Once you have the item, it cant be returned. If an item is damaged or faulty I will take care of it. NO REFUNDS, ALL SALES ARE FINAL

    Latex Masks - Masks come in 2 different sizes.
    3.0 mask is the full size (larger) mask, it is made from latex with hard resin teeth. The 3.0 is approximately 20" from the tip of the jaw to the crown of the head, and 11.5" across the widest part of the crown.

    The 2.0 mask is the smaller of the two and is meant to fit someone 5' 8" or smaller. It is approx. 18" from jaw to crown and 10.5" across the widest part of the crown. The 2.0 mask has latex teeth.

    Both masks are made of latex and the infill is poly-foam so please be sure you aren't allergic. The foam filling option adds foam to the space between your head and the mask, so that it will fit like a cap and not distort.

    Here is the cost breakdown for the:

    Raw 3.0 Latex Mask - $170
    Paint up for 3.0 - $125
    Foam filling - $50
    Dreads x60 - $165
    Dread rings - $130
    Quills - $25

    Raw 3.0 mask

    Painted and complete 3.0 mask


    New Elder mask!
    Raw (includes neck ring) - $200
    Paint-up - $150
    Dreads with paint-up - $185
    Elder Dread rings - (coming soon)
    IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1851.JPG

    New Predator 2 Mask:
    Raw (includes the neck ring)- $200
    Paint-up- $150
    Dreads- $185

    il_570xN.1114385601_q5wh (1).jpg

    Note about the dread:
    The dreads are made of cold foam and vary is size. There are 3 basic sizes- largest at 19" long by 1" around. The medium and small dreads are 7/8" around by 16-8" long. They may have minor imperfections in them.

    Bio masks :
    Made in two different sizes to fit the two different latex masks. All bio-masks are made of hard resin. Lenses are scratch and fog resistant.

    3.0 raw bio - $135
    3.0 painted bio - $195
    Lenses - $35
    Led's - $25

    Raw 3.0 Bio-mask


    Painted 3.0 bio with lenses

    Neck Ring:
    Neck rings are made of latex. Raw will need to be cut, complete rings will be sealed and have a cut and Velcro installed.

    Raw neck ring - $30
    Finished Ring - $40

    Latex Torso:
    Torso's are made of latex and have poly-foam infill. Torso is made to fit someone between 5' 8" - 6' 3" chest is approx 44" around and waist is size 34. Can stretch a but and can be let out with a zipper if need be.

    Raw torso: $300
    Paint-up on torso: $200
    Foam filling: $100
    Quills: (x80) - $35

    Latex torso, with 3.0 mask and neck ring
    10344253_288120398015042_6471066984528841359_o.jpg 10365319_288120421348373_3832066605754350280_o.jpg IMG_1843.JPG

    Latex P1 Legs
    Raw legs
    - $275
    Foam filling - $80
    Paint-up - $200
    DSCN3447_zps69bb442e.jpg DSCN3607_zpsc4fb0375.jpg

    P1 Feet:

    Made to be able to put a 10 1/2 - 11 shoe directly into, but will fit larger size feet with no shoes also.

    Raw: $145
    Paint up: $100
    Foam Lifts: $40

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  2. Firelad

    Firelad Young Blood

    Hey man, what kind of lenses are those?
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  3. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    I order in motercycle helmet visors and cut them up to fit in the bios, hope that helped.
  4. jesushchris69

    jesushchris69 Unblooded

    do you have photos of your torso/legs that you sell? Curious on what they would look like.
  5. dennybobbutt

    dennybobbutt Blooded

    i have a 3.0 mask and its the highlight of the suit you wont be disipointed top notch work
  6. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

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  7. BranHeadhunter

    BranHeadhunter Unblooded

    Hey corey I'm gonna need foam filling and quils for my 2.0
  8. jesushchris69

    jesushchris69 Unblooded

    Love to see it!
  9. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Here is some more pictures of the torso for anyone who wants to see them -


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  10. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Bump- i have a set of dread seconds (40 dreads) i will offer up for 60 dollars. PM me for details.
  11. xeno hunter

    xeno hunter Unblooded

    how much 4 the raw 3.0 bio mask?
  12. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    The 3.0 bios are $135, the damaged one is sold.

    Dread seconds are also sold!

    I just had a 3.0 mask come out of the molds and its a little thin, willing to let it go for 140$ raw.
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  13. xeno hunter

    xeno hunter Unblooded

    how big is a 3.0? is it big enough to fit a person, im trying to make a costume for halloween n stuff
  14. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    The 3.0 mask is just under 1:1 size so yes its meant to fit almost anyone. Its roughly 11 3/4 inches wide at the widest spot by about 20 inches from chin to crown. Hope that helped.
  15. toddslightning

    toddslightning Unblooded

    hey corey ! i have ur mask completely done by u and also the bio and loveeee it !! ... the legs look sick was wondering wen they will be ready and how much ? and if u would do a combine price with the torso and the legs ? also if the legs wont be done for halloween and i use the legs i have how do u finish off the look becasue u have a belt on the torso? i could just cover it ?
  16. WolfPred

    WolfPred Unblooded

    Price for a full 3.0 mask?
  17. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Hey bud, i will be adding the legs shortly to the sale thread, once i have some made and ready to go. I will say tentatively that they will be 300 raw, 80 for foam filling, and 180 for the paintup.

    All prices are listed above, a 3.0 head will all options is $710.
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  18. dennybobbutt

    dennybobbutt Blooded

  19. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    I have a damaged torso i need to get rid of. It has some minor damage on the backpack and shoulder armor. Willing to let this one go for 300+ shipping. Also i will not be selling dreads seperatly anymore. They can only be purchased with a complete head.

    View attachment 34302
    View attachment 34303
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  20. moki34

    moki34 Blooded

    Interested in a 2.0 raw bio if you have any available.
  21. moki34

    moki34 Blooded

    Message and payment sent for raw 2.0 Bio
  22. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    PM's all replied, willing to let the torso go for only $280! Please PM for details!
  23. moki34

    moki34 Blooded

    Sending PM on the torso
  24. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Ok i am willing to let this torso go for a steal price of $250.    I need this sold ASAP so please send me a PM if your interested.     Thats 100 dollars off for only minor damage!  
  25. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Legs added, damaged torso is still available, but moved to discounted items thread.
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