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Discussion in 'Marketplace (Closed)' started by Termokk, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. kyle

    kyle Unblooded

    How do I pm someone
  2. Vyrstolf

    Vyrstolf Blooded

    Click their name and choose start a conversation
  3. kyle

    kyle Unblooded

    Ok thanks mate
  4. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    PM sent about the feet
  5. masik

    masik Unblooded

    good day. I am very interested in your predator costume. tell me is it in stock now Raw 3.0 Latex Mask raw bio 3.0, torso Raw, Raw legs, Raw Feet? how much is it? possible delivery to the Russian Federation? how is the payment? is there a discount when buying a kit?
  6. Vader ehl

    Vader ehl Blooded

    Arrived safe and sound thankyou sir.
  7. Staggz

    Staggz Unblooded

    Pm sent
  8. movieman2005

    movieman2005 Young Blood

    Int in one of your P-1 Bio pm me
  9. Staggz

    Staggz Unblooded

    Sent you a message about the damaged head....
    I'll take it if it's still availible. If not, I'll take a regular.
  10. mick

    mick Unblooded

    the torso what is the size for that piece and also the pants and feet how much for all 3 items painted
  11. Arcko

    Arcko Unblooded

    Do you by chance happen to sell half-masks?

    Very interested in one and I am not entirely sure I want to chop the face out of my existing P1.
  12. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Hey i can cut the face out of a latex mask and make a half mask, and it will be cheaper than a regular mask because it doesent require teeth. It would have to be foamed though to sit right on your head.
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  13. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Just a question do you do sets of dreads separately at all ?
  14. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Yea, Private Message me if your interested.
  15. Madchippy6

    Madchippy6 Unblooded

    how much for a completed elder mask including dredds, paint etc including shipping to the uk. thanks
  16. WhiteShark

    WhiteShark Unblooded

  17. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    PM's Responded too, thank you for your messages!
  18. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Bump, get your Halloween order in now!
  19. Arevalo6701

    Arevalo6701 Unblooded

    How much for the torso fully painted and the mask with dreads painted?
  20. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    PM sent
  21. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    Looking for very long dreads, my Bambooie dreads are perfect but I can't seem to get in touch with the maker anymore. I notice you have 19 inch dreads. These may work... Unless you have longer?
  22. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    19 inches is my longest dread, but PM sent
  23. Technicals

    Technicals Unblooded

    Hi Ter, we spoke about a month ago but I opted to wait for purchase until after halloween. Any full suits that didn't sell? Thanks again
  24. caseypredator

    caseypredator Unblooded

    I was looking at getting a 3.0 fully painted and detailed latex mask for a Christmas present. Can you let me know how much that would be and when do I need to actually place the order to receive by then?
  25. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Hey bud, 595 + shipping will get you a foamed, painted mask, with dreads, rings and quills. Turn around time averages about 2 weeks.

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