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Discussion in 'Marketplace (Closed)' started by Termokk, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. lazybones88

    lazybones88 Unblooded

    How much for elder not painted but with dreads, rings and quills? I am also looking at this for a Christmas present?
  2. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    PM sent
  3. BranHeadhunter

    BranHeadhunter Unblooded

    hey, I bought a 2.0 from you years ago. It's been sitting waiting for me to finish it since like 2014. How much for me to get you to do the foam filling on it because it's literally the only thing I'm lost on doing myself.
  4. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Pm sent
  5. fag83

    fag83 Unblooded

    hello, I'm looking for a head (P1 or elder) legs and feet ... you have available? Would you tell me privately availability and price with shipping to Italy? thanks in advance
  6. DiveFrog

    DiveFrog Unblooded

    PM sent
  7. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Pm's Sent
  8. Xenomorph1

    Xenomorph1 Unblooded

    Hi there how much would it be for a finished neck ring shipped to uk thanks
  9. Xenomorph1

    Xenomorph1 Unblooded

    Hi how much is a finished neck ring shipped to uk
  10. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Pm sent
  11. Predator5791

    Predator5791 Unblooded

    Sent you a PM, Termokk. Amazing work.
  12. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

  13. kedg195

    kedg195 Unblooded

    Interested in any raw feet sets you may have...please message me at
  14. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Hunter

    Corey, PM sent on FB
  15. yanchus

    yanchus Unblooded

    Interested in pricing for an Elder Bust; please PM
  16. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    I have a set of dark RED dreads (60) for $80.


    RED dread sold!
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  17. chingonaz0

    chingonaz0 Blooded

    Interested in two sets of dread seconds. Can you please PM me?

    Thank you.
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  18. Termokk

    Termokk Hunter

    Sent you a message!
  19. chingonaz0

    chingonaz0 Blooded


    Thank you.

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