The Banished Hunters

Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by Wreav, May 16, 2017.

  1. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Isubomo i'm putting you into the deep end! Let's work on getting these hunters bio masks drawn up so I can get their bios made.

    (Secret project)
  2. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    ---------> Isubomo <-----------
  3. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    I'm already on it :D

    I'll have something for you hopefully tomorrow :p

    Thanks again bro!
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  4. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Things are getting exciting. For those who have seen these concepts im sure you will agree what Nuts and I have come up with is killer. (Will post pictures soon)
  5. ONEYE

    ONEYE Blooded

    Damn, I thought this was about banned members.
  6. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    On the fan art section? Lol
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  7. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Here are some of the first designs done by Isubomo under my instruction.
    One of his character however was Mastodon. I think these are great base ideas for these new hunters.
    What do you guys think?





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  8. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    There are a few more designs. The remain in the whole WIP zone, Isubomo has some cool things to show in a weeks time. Should be great :)
  9. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Aww, thanks Wreav... ;D
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  10. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Your style with some of the characters have inspired other artists to send their concepts. Which is a good sign :)
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