the chair in avp2 and alien


might just be me..but is the big chair that the alien is sitting in above all the eggs in alien the same style of chair that the predator is sitting in in AVP2 when he recieves the distress signal,there look the same,my question is this,is that ship in alien that was on the planet sending out a distress code any chance conected to the predators ?as we all know the goverment on earth new all along about the predators ref pred2 AVP2 and that there sent the nostromo to get infected as there wanted a alien as the ultimate war weapon...,jasp :
You got an interesting point there...

As far as I can see, what both exhibits of extraterrestrial furniture have in're both occupied by alien lifeforms in what seems to be a sitting position. Sort of. What they don't seem to share, however, is size, design, color, and highly probably the element(s) on the periodic table they're made from.

So I'd go with a respectful "no".
You had a point that the "company" seemed to know about aliens before the films, since mother's mission seemed not sudden but planned from the point the signal was detected. However, that was a ship on a primordial planet (kinda like earth in her early years). However in AVPR, it was a desert world flourishing with a sun that lit the planet brightly.