The Elder Suit /NYC and halloween week


Veteran Hunter
Giggity giggity giggity! ! !

Andrew - those are some sweet pix...can't wait to see larger ones posted online...


That is definatly the best predator suit Ive seen to date. I know what you mean about pushing the limits to where it effects your health Andrew. Ive pretty much pushed my self past the limitations of my health just working on my suit. Im thinking its never gonna get finished at this point and may never own a full suit again its shure looks like fun though runnin around in it.


Elite Hunter
lee, stop......i'll try to find out who she is for you..

here is a pic of the saturday before...i know i'm not posting these in any order ..just bear with me.

me with my gorgeous wife....



Veteran Hunter
How come the luvly mrs Kithunter didnt acompany ya to the party?

oh and agreed , keep the pics coming, and while ya at it.

T R E ( see where im going with this yet buddy ) E


Elite Hunter
she was going to..and trust me for many reasons i wish she had...things would have turned out much better for me, she is my best wingman and i love and adore her.

someone needed to stay home and watch the younglings while daddy went out to hunt.


Health hazard? Are we talking dehydration, Andrew? Gotta keep drinking fluids, gotta, gotta in one of those things.
I'm confused. That looks like a Dave (Universal Designs) head. Not that it looks bad, in fact that thing's terrific!-----just wondering what happened to Pete Murphy's elder mask painted by Larry last year.