Perhaps the second trophy HEAD I've collected thus far, is this TERMINATOR HEAD.

Made with a large plastic pickle jar, (2) RED FINGER lights, red and black paracord strings, SILVER duct tape, (1) foot of rope, WHITE acrylic paint, a black permanent marker, (1) grocery bag and a round foam board. ALL put together by hot glue. Any HUNTER can collect this HEAD for themselves!! :)

My first trophy KILL ever, was this xenomorph HEAD!! when I turned to a blooded PREDATOR here on the PREDATORIUM.
I collected it's HEAD by putting (3) 1gallon jugs together using black duct tape. And using foot long ropes, I wrapped those with duct tape as well. Tin foil was put on its teeth and green neon acrylic paint was used as it's acid blood!! I also used cardboard for the jaw.
Trophy KILL #3 the HEAD of JASON Voorhees!! Collected by the HEAD HUNTER, the TEXAS PREDATOR :)

Perhaps the easiest prey on my WALL, JASON's head is made of dozens of grocery bags, entirely wrapped in masking tape, colored with tan camo spray paint. The hockey mask is done with a paper plate and covered with masking tape tied by a long strip of Velcro.

His teeth is made of foam board and hot glued to his mouth, a bloody wound is on his HEAD gushing with RED acrylic paint. As do his baby blue veins. Hope you HUNTERS enjoy the HEAD trophies I'm collecting, stay tuned for MORE!! :)

Got VENOM'S HEAD done today!! A bit comical at first sight but I like it :) same as the other's easy to make! Check out my YouTube channel: THE EVIL PUNISHER RLSV

PROP HEAD ANALYSIS: (1) plastic pickle jar, black duct tape, white duct tape, hot glue, tiny foam boards, tin foil, masking tape, black acrylic paint, neon acrylic paint, red spray paint and (1) grocery bag. Oh yeah some pink acrylic paint!
Another HEAD collected by the TEXAS PREDATOR!!

Be sure to check out my YouTube video of wolverine's head on my CHANNEL :) THE EVIL PUNISHER RLSV

WOLVERINES HEAD was only 1 day's work to collect!! Usually an easy build, great for beginners. I used a plastic pickle jar, two cardboard flaps, white duct tape, black, yellow, and caramel acrylic paint, also a grocery bag and some great motivation to see it come together :)