The Host


This movie was really good in my opinion. Not only does it have one of the most beliveable creatures ever; you don't have to sit through an hour and a half of teaser ******** before you see it.

Not only is the monster believeable, it's very well executed as well.

*SPOILERS* Just in case.

The movie takes place around the Han river in South Korea, involving a family that have a food stand alongside it. Based on actual events (no mutants though- and the scientist was finally charged in 2005), a U.S. scientist orders his subordinate to dump gallons of fermaldihyde down the drain into the Han river. Intern creating an amalgamation of different river dwelling animals that begins feeding on the local inhabitants.

Yeah, there's a message in the movie. Not unlike the original Godzilla. The movie itself has it's silly moments, followed closely by some really sad twists. I've read some reviews where this movie was really predictable... well, I didn't see it coming so it couldn't have been THAT predictable.

For you SPFX whores out there (like me) you'll be surprised to know that WETA had a hand in it. They worked on the remake of King Kong by the way. I refuse to call it "Jacksons King Kong" because for the price of that movie he could've bought a state back in 1932... and then some. "The Host" did it with a 10 million budget. Hmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much respect for the writers/artists in Korea for bringing back the "monster movie!!"


Nice one Rob!! Yeah it is a good movie as you say, especially so considering the 10 mil budget it was done with.
I gave it a watch over here although I'm sure I missed out on a bit of the plot seeing as I was watching it minus the subtitles, but then why would the Koreans put english subtitles on a Korean movie. That aside I really enjoyed, it plus felt a little pang of disapointment due to myself and a friend of mine being asked to audition for a small part in it, as the token westerners who get eaten..LOL. ;) We didn't bother going for it in the end though as the translated script was so bad it made the Godzilla movies sound like Oscar winning material. So you can guess we were both cursing and kicking ourselves when it opened here to fantastic reviews, then again we'd have probably ended up on the cutting room floor had we gone for it. Oh well that's how things go. So for all you folk who've not given this movie a watch do so. it's entertaining and different enough to keep you watching.


WarpedFX. Do you reside in Korea? Or are you stateside?.......Just wondering as I'm the only Pred in the land of morning calm. ;)