The Hunterslair Invades the San Diego Comic Con


I'm working on my first Predator suit, doing a Wolf Predator costume. But I've had bad cases where I was wearing my Master Chief armor and I stand 6'2" witha couple of drunk idiots behind me at D*C knocking on the back of my armor, the first time I politely asked them to stop, 30 minutes later they did it again and I took off my helmet and yeled at them a couple of minutes later they did it again and I backhanded one of them with my armored forearm, it was the point of I had enough after that I went back to my room and took the MC suit off because I did'nt want to have trouble with security myself. The morons took off after the backhand. Now if I get a Predator costume done anytime in the future before my health get's too bad off and some drunken moron starts to pull a dread or poke, there will be hell to pay.


I loved all the costumes! I loved the green predator and the other custom made predator suits :3 and the Elder and Ancient predator :D