The Intel Mac - Adobe Conundrum


Hey folks, just got a new Mac at work, the successor to the G5-----the new Mac Pro.
It, like all the other computers in Apple's lineup now have Intel processors. Unfortunately, this will affect the performance of those applications that are not specifically written for the Intel processor. In my case, Adobe programs like Illustrator are giving me some problems, especially when it comes to doing Pathfinder operations. There's a handy piece of embedded software created by Apple called Rosetta, that allows Intel macs to run apps written for the old PowerPc processor. Thank God for that, but it's not a permanent solution.

The a-holes at Adobe are going to make everyone who shelled out a ton of cash like my company spend another $500+ for the next release in CS 3---instead of offering a patch for the current version. I just love the customer conscious modus operandi over there---when you get big---screw the customer. This of course, also translates into the "prompt" telephone service with their customer relations dept. When you try to contact anyone BUT the sales dept., you're put on hold for time immemorial. When you select the Sales dept, from the menu, there is someone right there to grab that call.

After rummaging around the Adobe site I came across this info that spells out the PPC/ Intel processor conundrum, which should have been posted conspicuously on the f'n website! Hope it helps you.

Intel Mac issues with Adobe software