The last p2 mask


Elite Hunter
Lookin great as always, believe that's the last by far have come to be one of the most prolific painters of the P2 ( ha ha ..that sounded kinda funny!)


Scott, you above anyone else here now know what I think about your work. You are one of the best artists on this board by far. From some of your early works up until now, you just keep getting better and better.

I understand the need to move onto other things, but I will say this...

You will be back. They always come back. Predator owns you. Hahaha.


Elite Hunter
Scott, the P2 is your roots..........................I'm lucky enough to own one of your masterpieces. Hope to see many more P2 or other predator related things to come from you.

gk asylum

Last my Ass!
I've been saying that for years!!
Nothing wrong with using a little creative freedom
when painting.Keeps it interesting.
Looking good.