The Manta Wraith Predator...and the fate of Atlantis


The story
Over 11,000 years ago there existed an island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean populated by a noble and powerful race.
These people possessed great wealth thanks to the natural resources found throughout their island. This was the island of Atlantis.
But they weren’t as powerful as they thought. The Atlanteans lived under constant fear of the Predators for whom they worshiped
as gods for hundreds of years. These Gods were known as the Demon Hunters. One hunter in particular, the Manta Wraith, would
often appear on a glowing rock. He would gather up the crystals that the Atlanteans harvested, and then disappear. These crystals
were used as power sources for the Predators spacecrafts. But something happened. Greed and power began to corrupt the Atlanteans
and saw the gods as the adversary. They began to horde the crystals and hide them from the Predators. When the Manta Wraith
returned, all the crystals were gone. The clan of Predators gathered to determine a suitable punishment. 4 nuclear devices were situated
around the island and in one violent surge, it was gone. The island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were swallowed by the sea......

The kit
The kit is the new Superedge Predator 1 Sculpted by Sean Hayes. I figured everyone who purchased this kit is going to paint theirs similar to
the Predator 1 scheme, so I went with something off the wall and totally different. This model was an absolute pleasure to work on.
Its solid resin and stands at 13 inches tall. It came with 2 interchangeable heads. I opted for the helmet version as it seems more
menacing. All the parts fit perfect. There was hardly any prep work at all. I wanted the look of the Predators skin to have an aquatic
feel to it so I went with the skin pattern to look like a sailfish/marlin using blacks, whites, blues and purples. The armor was made
to look like it had been weathered and tarnished by the sea. I also added bead strands to dreds. All the Predators accessories were
found using different toy parts, mostly Mc Farlane stuff which seems to work rather well. To simulate an electrical effect around the
Predator, I used the lightning from a Star Wars unleashed figure.

The base
I used a 16x12 wood base and sprayed the bottom black and the top aqua blue. I bought some frosted colored glass and hand glued
each piece in to place on the top of the base. The back wall is a fish tank ornament that I bought at my local pet store including the
large blue crystals and the lighted crystal….which has 3 LED lights that glow inside of it. The glowing rock the Predator is standing on
is a National Geographic half moon that lights up. I re-sprayed it and painted some lightning and more vibrant colors on it.
Then added some strands of tall grass and seaweed bushes to the base.

Thanks for looking all you pred heads.......

AL :)

th_AtlanteanPredator001.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator002.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator003.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator004.jpg

th_AtlanteanPredator005.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator006.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator007.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator008.jpg

th_AtlanteanPredator009.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator010.jpg th_AtlanteanPredator011.jpg
Someones been in the kitchen and dinner is ready!!!!
Wow! Awesome concept and paint work!!! Too cool for school!!!!
Love the blueish flesh tones!!! And that armor color rulzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
Once again, another great job Al!!!!!!
Ok, so admittedly I'm not a big fan of "custom" jobs...(I'm strictly a film replica enthusiast...)

...but damn! The craftsmanship really shows on this thing. That is just gorgeous.

Beautiful work, Al. You should be very proud of that.


Just amszing! You bring these kits to life.... Very nice job man I'm at a loss for words....


What did you use for the parts that you added?
wow...where do I begin.....

The capes and little skulls are from the graveyard digger figure from McFarlane.
The spear, side sword, purple cloth and stone pillar are from the Aria figure from McFarlane.
The side breathing tank is from the X-files figure of the cocooned alien.
The lightning is from the Unleashed Darth Sideous figure.
The wrist gauntlets, side sword sheath and the extra metal tubing are from the Hot Toys Scar Predator.
The clear bio helmet on top of the stone pillar is from the McFarlane Clear Scar Predator.
The skull hanging on his back is from the Diamond Select Wall relief Predator.

whew!!!!! I think thats it......

AL :)


I love your kits so much. Not only unique settings, colors, ect...but each has a wonderful backstory that just makes it 100 times more awe-inspiring.

The skin job is wonderful; sparked quite a few new character ideas for an aquatic Predator!


Aha! Another forum I have found you in! What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's FAKEN awesome brudda!


That's a Bad Ass pred you made up bro! :) I'm totally diggin' whatcha did with everything to make
him.Awsome man!


WOW!!! You just take everything to the next level and beyond.
Besides the killer painjob the fact that you combine some many items to make these awesome dioramas is insane!
Stuff like this drives me crazy. AWESOME just AWESOME



Thank you very much guys and gals for the very nice compliments.

I love too read your reactions.

It's cool compliments like these that make kit building all worth while.

AL :)
Simply put... Jaw Dropping. Your work is truley some of the best, It's funny how you take an already great Kit and make it Hundreds of times better. Keep it and and keep pumping these pieces out.


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