The origin of Fan-made Predator Costumes


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I remember when I joined the old lair...there must have been about a dozen suits and 300 members. Its a much different place now.....good to see some old memebers check back in from time to time.


I found this place over three years ago when a friend and myself finally got the nerve up to try and put a suit together. I was hooked from day one. The talent, motivation, quality, and helpfulness of the people here was nothing like I had seen on the net. Im a member on other boards but, nothing compares to this place. The lair has given me a lot in the past few years. I have met some of my closet friends here, gone to SDCC and had some of the best times of my life, and its helped me my efforts in my hobbies and projects.

I cant believe how much its grown in the last three years. For you original members from the old ezboard it must really be a trip. I would have loved to have been a member on the old board and see all the projects in the early days of suit building. The scratch built projects are so cool to see come together. I look forward to the Lairs future and its members.

Cheers all!


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very cool how this thread has evolved. i always wonder how you guys and gals make your way here.

keep them stories comming


I was looking for Porno on google and this came up!


I was referred here by another old school member alot of people probably have never heard of... Crazy clayer!
He was one of the first to sculpt an accurate P1 head! Waaaaayyyy long ago in olden times!
The day I found the lair was when I was starting my very first predator sculpture. I found Larry's garage kit asylum website and was amazed, so I started sending him a bunch of emails about his predator stuff. Then after about a billion emails (and probably getting very aggravated ;)) he sent me a link to the lair. Been here ever since late 2004 or course back then I signed in under the name supreme hunter.


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I guess I will give my story on how I found this place. Most of you know that I have been collecting Predator since the 7th grade it wasn't until around 2008 that I started attending conventions, seeing the suits, and seeing how accurate they came out, so I finally thought I wonder if there are any Predator suits being made or being worn around the world. I typed it in google and came across then came to the Lair by means of Dan's reviews on certain props and articles that he had posted on his site. I have been on here for a whole year and loving every mintue of it ;)


I remember seeing a DB P2 suit probably five years ago or more. From that time on, I was hooked to get my own Predator suit. Joined last year and have been buying parts here and there since. This is a great thread to hear all of the origins of this place!
I joined the lair back in 2004 on the old ezboard. I'm not even sure how I found it, I googled pred **** and somehow got stranded here. I must have been watching Predator again, I guess, and started doing a cardboard bio (an hour of work and a fuckin ugly outcome, the dreads were made of braided thread taken from my mom's sewing stuff, so go figure... )

I must have been googling for more reference pics and that's how I found it. I was blown away by the creativity and handiness of all members. I had never though this could be done by people not in the prop business. Didn't start my own bio until 2006 though, and it was Gene's caulking silicone tutorial that got me started. After a relationship gone completely down south I locked myself in the basement and the sculpting really helped take my mind off that other ****.

Thanks to Andrew for starting this and thanks to Dan and also the other mods for keeping it running!

th3 pr3dat0r

in 2007 i was starting to make costumes, and being me i always loved predator. through looking around i eventually found a link to this place! i then looked around and lurked for about a year. in 2008 i finally made my account and starting posting and whatnot. this place is the best and i enjoy going on here every day and looking at the new things people create and paint and whatnot.
huge thanks to kithunter and all that help the lair stay strong and made it happen. all the members here are really cool and are nice to talk to. HUGE PROPS TO ALL WHO MADE THE LAIR SO COOL!


Hmmmm…lets see, how can I be as civil about this as possible…..Ahhhhh yeah. Here we go.
I was directed to this site after asking a question on another ‘Pred’ board/forum of which I was a part-time member. The question I had asked dealt with whether or not the folks suiting up as preds at cons were ever paid to appear at cons( You guys should, you practically make the cons!)I received three answers. Two of which were short, sarcastic and shitty ( Well duh, consider their sources) the other was intelligent, informative and civil..guess which one was from the Lair member.
So, upon taking Julie’s advice and following her link I found this wonderful site and have been here ever since, The End!



I didn't think anyone would actually use that Silicone Caulking Tutorial.

Keep in mind I didn't invent that process, I just documented it!

I am glad to spent the time to arrange that goofy tutorial way back when!
Thats kinda a un just question. I mean with the entire world out there and all the pred fans? How would you ever know for example I saw two decent preds at dragon con 8 years ago.


after an incident with king jamie and his actions i felt like i didn't want to do this any longer. It really messed me up...
When we behave we often don't consider the widespread, longterm, affects of our actions. This was pure selfishness and ignorance on my part. I really had no idea the extend of damage my actions would bring and the good people I would affect ten years ago when I allowed my little head to do the thinking. Words could not describe how sorry I am.