The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Wreav, May 16, 2017.

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    Ok, Guys and Gals.......
    What I am Hearing(reading) here is:
    I need to take a deep breath, and be ready for a long journey to achieve my dream of having a good suit.
    so far......
    I have picked up bits and pieces of an armour build, gotten tutorials on better looking armour pieces, and a temp head and bio.

    and then I got to looking at making a DIY Suit........and fainted. LOL

    looks like I will need to start by:
    • making a body mannakin 1st. ( is there a tutorial for that?)
    • find a COOL place to keep my "body" as I create it.....( I live in AZ......gonna be tough)
    and so begins the journey..........
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    On this thread there is a link to important DIY links. Start there.
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    Looks perfect to me :) If I do find anything that might behandy, I'll definitely let you know :)
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    I was reading this through to make sure all the for/against points were covered. Even the most difficult of challenges that is faced by almost all suit owners. :rolleyes:
    It's a pinned post so it should help quiet a bit.
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    Agreed with guys - this info is more then enough for beginners. also - for some of them it can be too much. But they need to understand how huge is any of predator projects.
    And Wreav, you know i am not suit owner... But my motorcycle is suit owner - does it count? :D:D:D
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    Jmen Predator suits are a completely different ball game and some can be ignorant towards this. I know I was when I started out, 3 years later I was humbled knowing how difficult things could be nonetheless this serves as an interesting manual guide post that could be referred to from time to time. I will revisit it when I can. Having suggestions helps :)
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    All done, i think.
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    Very important informations thank you soooooooo much Yautja brothers..... :D (y)
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    Ditto! Invaluable info!! Great work Guys.
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    Now that I've completed a suit from scratch using a MR.I suit and foamies I would like to share my experience.

    Starting out I thought I could make a complete suit with purchasing a latex head and bio for around $600 and i was way off! I made mistakes and needed to buy additional parts, airbrush paints add up quickly, and buckles straps velcro magnets all add up! I added up everything I could find invoices for and it came out to roughly $1400, this number does not include tools that I bought for this suit.

    These are what tools I had to buy that I didn't already own, this isn't everything I used for the project:
    1. Heat Gun
    2. Glue Gun
    3. PVC pipe cutter
    4. Airbrush kit
    5. Pepakura viewer
    6. Paint Rollers
    7. Paint brushes
    8. Foam brushes
    9. Exacto Blades (Tons)

    I didn't track my time but I believe over the year it took to complete the suit I invested around 700 hours. I started in August 2016 and worked on it heavily for a few months, then decided I didn't like where it was going and gave up for about half a year. I got back into it mid 2017 with the goal of completing it by late September 2017. So don't give up!!! I remember the first time I painted a piece of armor and weathered it, it looked better that I could have hoped! That gave me the drive to work on the project heavily for half a year, and complete it!

    With everything complete my only issue are the dreads. Since they are made from backer rod they are quite stiff. I knew this going in and the addition of PVC dread rings helps the movement but they are also heavy. The worst part is they restrict the movement of my head, I can probably only turn 45 degrees each way, using less dreads would have been better but then the look seems wrong to me. The whole suit design comes down to the cost of quality. The backer rod dreads with PVC rings only cost me around $50, but actual molded dreads would have looked and moved much better.

    Hope this helps some people with their builds or thoughts they may have about building a Predator suit.
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  14. Wreav

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    Anymore things to add guys? This will be a thread that new comers go to, for quick information as to what they are getting themselves into. Would like to tackle the prospect of ignorance to what exactly they will need to do or how much time and money they would be spending.
  15. Wreav

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    Will add a new section:
    ' Convention restrictions '
    If anyone wants to add to this proposed section please lend me your thoughts.
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    We have collection of pep files, but what about 3d printing section?
  17. Wreav

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    New section to this thread. Not the forum.
    But anyway in response to you Jmen

    1. Pepakura collection = Armory
    2. 3D Files/Printing section = In general has always been looked down upon. Members in the past have expressed their dislike of 3D files/3D Pritned items. Especially when the member didn't make it themselves. Also it's important to note that a large amount of this community put hard work and time into sculpting pieces. For someone to take the 'quick root' of simply downloading a free file and editing a few things here and there, printing it and claiming they did it can cause tensions. There is also difficulty in sourcing 3D files from their original author. Files in the past have been taken, sold and distributed without artists permission. Forums and groups have expressed their concern for example when that Baby Groot (download) was given out freely. There were hundreds of people who claimed it was there's and were mass producing and selling these. I doubt 3D files will ever gel with this community. That being said, if the member created the 3d file himself/herself, printed it and worked on it... that's completely fine. There's still alot of nitty gritty areas to get in to before 3D file section can be introduced.
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    Just wondering if there's any more detailed guidance on storage beyond mannequin + cool temps?
    I have some pretty old antiques that I inherited which require precise storage parameters, so I'm all ears about how to store a finished pred suit...

    Cool temp: what is the range that one should shoot for? the colder the better, below freezing? What about temp fluctuations?
    Humidity: what range to shoot for? the lower the better, 0% best?
    Mannequin use: my "pants" have suspenders to help hold it up, but wouldn't prolonged display end up stretching the areas where the suspenders meet the latex, possible tear (Vs laying flat where there are no stress points)?

    (I've used the search bar to look for mentions of "storage" but only this thread came up with any info...


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  20. Wreav

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    Storage: A 150 + litre box with wheels is often what some choose as a storage case for suits.
    Keep it in a cool environment > Closet > Basement.
    Below breezing will cause the paint to crack/can potentially cause the latex to warp when exposed to heat.
    Latex/material in general will degrade over time. If areas do stretch/tear simply fix those areas by applying latex and waiting for it to dry and cure. Laying suits flat can cause parts to stick together if exposed to enough heat. Remember for paint to even stick on a latex suit there must be an adhesion promoter. The surface of suits tend to retain a level of stickiness.
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  21. alexanders5700

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    Thanks Wreav for the reply!

    I'll make sure to keep it stored in a cool environment (but not freezing)!

    Just to clarify, I assume most people don't have space for a mannequin, and the storage box is a good fit for them, but I do have a mannequin and space to house it... Given this availability, which is better between the bin and the mannequin?
    (And if the mannequin is a better option, are my concerns about stretching founded?)

    Finally, when you say that laying the suit flat will cause some parts to stick, do you mean the insides may stick to each other (ex: inside chest sticking to inside back), or are you referring to storage of a suit flat in a storage bin, where you would have to fold the suit to fit the bin (ex: folding pants so that the painted shin is folded and touches the painted thigh and those two painted surfaces fuse together)?

    Either way, maybe a layer of cloth between any surfaces (either a cloth inside the suit to stop any inside surfaces from fusing, or a cloth between any outside painted surfaces) would help in surfaces sticking to each other?

    Thanks again!

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  22. Wreav

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    Many place their suit on a mannequin for display purposes and to add any extra finishing touches. If there is a comic con people tend put their suit inside the storage box for transportation. As latex ages it gets stiffer and harder.

    If your suit is folded and placed inside the storage container for an excessive amount of time or placing it inside under the wrong conditions the sticky surface of the suit (most suits retain a sticky surface to ensure paint sticks to the latex). Painted surfaces can stick to other painted surfaces to avoid this a light touch of talcum powder helps. You could use newspaper instead of cloth.
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    Read and completely understood and still shopping.
  24. Wreav

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    I think it's time to update this a little LunaticNic any suggestions. I may format it in a way that's more user friendly. Let me know if there are any edits that you recommend. Same as everyone else.
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    I'd say move the memorable quotes down some or after the intro, as it doesn't "flow" very nicely imo.
    Also the old version seemed to have a warmer, and more open tone, while this one seems more cold and rigid. I get that people need to know about the problems with suits, and maintaining them, but maybe add it as an afterthought instead of in the beginning or smack dab in the middle.

    Then regarding safety I'd say it would be REALLY important not to be vague with etc. But trying to be as accurate as possible.

    And lastly what about adding some pictures here or there?

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