The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)

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    Money tends to fund absolutely everything especially with projects. It's required to be cold and rigid or people when money is at stake. Some have funnelled large sums of money just to see their project to completion. I think its paramount not to sugar coat anything and to be clear and to the point. Some have spent thousands and thousands without achieving what they wanted, me included. If I knew a fraction of what I did now when I started out, I would not have fallen into certain traps that I did. Spending excess amounts of money on things which were simple not needed. It's also important to maintain the fact that it is not cheap hobby. Being cold and rigid and to the point is necessary.

    I'll rework the safety area when I have time.
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    I think the suit guide reads fairly well personally. Being a suit owner now and going back over the guide it is night and day. I don’t want something sugar coated especially for he amount of money I currently have invested in my suit. I want straight forward to the point examples and directions: don’t do this or it will be screwed! Like I said reading it before I took the plunge I had no real idea what I was expecting. The warning could be added, but not to scare away future preds. I thought putting the suit on was gonna be super comfortable and I could dance around lol. In reality it’s quite uncomfortable and incredibly draining for the body and mind to endure anything over several hours. That should be outlined for people. It’s amazing to transform into the character, but caution should be advices for prolonged duration and activities not just for physical well being but the safety of the suit aswell. Just my two cents lol
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    As a former owner who is getting back into the game I thought it was informational. Good read as well.
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    yoslvr442 thanks, for what it's worth I tried to single out the key points I will edit things accordingly when I have time. My schedule has just been very busy. I'll try dedicating sometime to re-vamp this.
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