The Predator - difficulty getting appearances planned?


Does anyone have any appearances lined up in your costume for the launch of The Predator yet?
Maybe your local cinema screening, or even a Premier in your Country/State?
What about any other promotional event you've managed to line up?

How easy did you find it to arrange?

I've been working on something locally here for a couple of months with the screening of all the old movies in the lead up to the launch - but essentially FOX have said they don't want to associate the new film with the old ones so actually don't want us to advertise that the new one is coming as part of our program!

Why would they do that? Are they being difficult? or is it just me?
Wouldn't you want to get as many people into your new film as possible?
And how do you do that if you don't take the opportunity to jump on the back of a team of people willing to go hard and support the film for (and with) you?

It doesn't make sense to me!
If any of you are having better success let me know and I will keep hounding them here.
If others are struggling, maybe they have their reasons...?


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Disney owning the Predator franchise may be the root cause behind why Fox don't really want to associate themselves with the old film. But I may be wrong here but that's probably one of the explanations.


I personally doubt it has something to do with Disney since they will most likely install fox like a separate arm (aside from marvel properties) and allow it to continue making R rated films. It would be somewhat ridiculous to disregard all of fox's r rated properties. Besides disney apparently allows Miramax to make R rated films.

As far as theaters, I know the local theater I go to doesn't allow/heavily frows upon certain props, and masks that cover the face so I've never even tried :(


The theatres loss I guess!

The Disney influence would surprise me too. That deal doesn't go through until probably next year. Long after this latest movie comes out, so it would sit squarely in the same period as the other "pre-Disney buy out" movies.

It's almost as if they don't want to associate with the heritage until they know its a success!