The Prophecy of Cetanu - The Four Hunters of Armeggedon

Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by Uratz, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

  2. I cant wait for chapter 2. will you do more art. I like books but i like comics better and this would be sweet if you had more pics. If not its still a very badass story
  3. Oberon

    Oberon Blooded

    Sounds interesting so far. And I like the teasers for your next 3 bios. The only reason I have not gone for the Bonehunter bio is I am waiting to see the other three first! Will be worth waiting for I think...
  4. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    My friend you shall require the patience of a thousand year old turtle for the other 3. Though the stories and designs may be out in order for the Bio to exist BoneHunter's target sales must be achieved in order for the 3 other brothers to take on life in our universe. That needs to happen since I lost my job and I could get deported from China since I'm an expat. But anyways don't let this sad thing ruin the story. Keep reading. Next week Chapter 2 - Death comes Alive! :)
  5. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    I bow to your Greatness...

    LOL! Love it!
  6. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Wait no More - Chapeter 2 is here!

    Slide2.jpg BoneDeath.jpg
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  7. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    lovin it, Uratz! Can't wait to see the next three bios. Your bone hunter is by far my favorite of all bios. I can't stop lookin at it. you know pretty soon i may have to get one from you and finally start on my first pred suit!!

  8. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Thank you and all of your kind words. Still waiting for those massive orders to come in. The funds will help me on the next 3 bios + materials..
    I will be sculpting them not sure If I should post in this same thread like my Bonehunter Thread in hunter's Gallery. Well keep reading will be starting the next Bio soon.
    PM when ya ready for the big sale!
  9. Ei luj

    Ei luj Hunter


    I love the graphics and the format.... ancient scrolls on which to read the story, and a bio for each story.

    The story is engrossing and an interesting blend of Hunter and Human lore.

    When the last bio is inserted into the page, will it open to another scroll for the final story?

    I'm looking forward to more chapters!

  10. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Gonna Keep Teasing Ya's ... like

    Gee whats this?

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  11. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Slide4.jpg Scuba-Plague.jpg
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  12. Ssnake66

    Ssnake66 Blooded

    Holy Sh*t dude!!

    Very nice story uve got there. I really like the way your presenting it.

    And i LOVE your new design!

    Im exited about the other 2!

    Keep us updated!


    (and the resin parts are the sea-hunters bio parts?)
  13. Astritos

    Astritos Blooded

    Awesome stuff man the new Bio is awesome and the Chapter is awesome can't wait for the next part!!!!!
  14. Shaka Zulu

    Shaka Zulu Blooded

    insane stuff man, in a good way.
  15. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    This thread will now start to feature WIP pics of the new Bio. Chapter 4 will be up in few...months?

    Insane in the membrane. I'm actually trying to give the 3rd bio even more of a "make you explode in your pants" feeling.
    I've already drew like a hundred sketches of every possibility in that direction- I think its the best that it could get for the idea.
    Stay tuned,next week gonna start working on the sculpt for "Scuby" - the Scuba Sea Hunter ;)
  16. Uhlakk

    Uhlakk Hunter

    You are so cool, dude!

    go for it
  17. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    I have no words to explain to you how Fucking sweet this is.... "Insane in the Brian"
  18. T800

    T800 Blooded

    Kewl!! Like the idea of the extending serated blades (bottom right pic). I take it they extend/retract in unison with the wrist blades or will they be independanly activated?
  19. headdragon

    headdragon Blooded

    HOLY SHITE!!!! I love it... Makes for an awesome story for the Rifts RPG setting too!! Love it, Love it!

    I really like the sea hunter bio. I was just telling my wife that I wanted the bone hunter bio for xmas so maybe I will get it then the sea hunter too! We will see!

  20. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    nice work Uratz. absolutely awesome in fact.
  21. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Thanks for the comments. I've been drawing like crazy on the wacom. Gonna work on the concept art for Bone-Hunter's armor more. Got bunch of other Signature Armor ideas for the other 3 Apocalyptic Warriors. I haven't had time to sculpt the Scuba/ SeaHunter Bio yet. Will keep working on it Stay tuned!

    New BH wrist Blade Gauntlet designs. More Lethal than ever this bad boy has 2 alien bone blades plus retractable scallops on the side.
    I may make this later into a real gauntlet. Still have Bio's to sculpt and stupid freelance work that I need to pay bills with.

    Power Claw + Puncher just added

    BH-Gauntlet-sm.jpg Parch-Claw-sm.jpg
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  22. Skullsplitter

    Skullsplitter Elite Hunter

    Love the style, but personally I wouldn't overdo it...
  23. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    Can I sculpt these!?



    Since I'm not going to worry about my suits anymore just making armor and weapons "the suits will come together over time" I can take on a project like this...
  24. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Dude! Sculpt your own crap! Ha! Just kidding. I don't even know why you want to waste your materials and time on half assed concepts like these :D
    I currently have no plans on sculpting them since they are in the concept stage- I may change a little bit. When I'm finally unemployed in Jan 09 I'll have time to sculpt the gaunts. I do plan on making 1 offs props for Bonehunter. Should save your clay for the next 3 Apocalyptic warriors- those armor will even be more kick ass.

    Compared to the Wolf concept drawings I thought these were way toned down and not "over the top" enough. Seriously.
    I felt sad after I looked at the "Power Punch gloves" AVPR inside the monster shop book. But thanks anyway
  25. Siccx

    Siccx Blooded

    That is dope, digging the crazy bone motif on him, I really wanna see what "War" will look like too, man, if you scaled your sculpts down and made some bios and some armor designs for Hot Toys Preds I'd be down!

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