The Prophecy of Cetanu - The Four Hunters of Armeggedon

Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by Uratz, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. pred666pain666

    pred666pain666 Elite Hunter

    Looks lethal Mike! Colour suits it perfectly.
  2. Skullsplitter

    Skullsplitter Elite Hunter

    Them lenses are KILLER, mike!
  3. crawjaw

    crawjaw Blooded

    I've already commented before but I just want to repeat how fu---ing awesome is this project. Carefully thought out concept and executed with meticulous care from start to finish. Photographs and presentation are also of the highest standard.
    Bios look superb and really come to life when attached to a mask, and I feel it has an Alien facehugger look to it, and for me makes it even better. Can't imagine what else you have uo your sleeve, but the red bio will take a bit of beating. Love this big time.
  4. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    :) Really grateful for your comment. Each time I finished molding a bio I usually don't sleep until I cast and paint it.
    My photography skills is ok, still don't know how to take a photo with the proper lighting. I think Dan Faken's photo studio is much better (hint)

    Anyway you're right about the face hugger thing now that I look at it. I did want a more claw like horns but just couldn't get it right.
    Oh well maybe I'll do a "remake" like Hollywood does with movies ;)
  5. crawjaw

    crawjaw Blooded

    I hope my comment about facehugger hasn't put you off. I can't imagine it looking any better than the way you've done it, so no need to re-boot.
    Your comment about sleep is interesting. I'm trying to get my project painted and although I go to bed I'm spray painting in my sleep. Waken at 5am and need to get up - not good considering I go to bed about 12. If I adopted your work ethic I would have finished about 2 years ago. Moulds lay for over a year and a half, casts for a month or so.

    I've got a pretty decent camera kit but need some better lighting too. At the end of the day, light and composition are more important than the camera. Hobbies start to become real damned expensive don't they.
  6. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    WOW! That SUCKS! Just Kidding!

    Your amazing My friend! Congratulations on completing them all! I wish I could have afforded to purchase every one of them but sadly...

    I've been amazed and inspired on so many levels this past year watching you do these & your other projects in between, BIG round of applause!
  7. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Hey Man You're back! Haven't seen you here lately.
  8. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    I'm always on here watching your outstanding work!
    I just havn't had anything to contribute to the Pred community so I don't post much.
    Next year I'm going to start up on this again.
  9. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    This is My fave version! You can see all of the details.
  10. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    This was a struggle to paint cuz it was a one of a kind pain in the arse mod with the Horns. I wanted to paint it like a Chinese Dragon, but I want it Green, then Red and now That I've painted it I think the horns aren't as obvious and I should've painted it like bone color. Oh the options are killing me!
    Modded Dragon Hunter bio.

    Resin Cast with Epoxy Horns cast from the same mold. Added a second Laser sight housing on the right. Not obvious in the pic until you hold it in your hands :)

    Anyone wants a casting please let me know.

  11. Justin

    Justin Blooded

    Wow. That's just... It's not even right. That thing looks ridiculous. I wish I could afford these bios! They're awesome, Mike!
  12. juiceredrum

    juiceredrum Blooded

    i really dig the story to go with the bios thats a awesome selling point , the bios look so awesome
  13. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter


    Part of Concept Design is to give a character personality and some sort of history. The best way to do this is the invention of the story
    and thru this we give life to the character itself therefore when sculpting it I get hints of what aspect to sculpt the character into.

    That's why they all look different and distinct down to the color and paint scheme.
  14. Demascus

    Demascus Blooded

    I don't think I really need to add my two cents to magnify how awesome this work is but I just have to say it anyway. You Rock!!

    To see so much work coming to fruit like that is just more then I could even comprehend. You really have some insane level of talent. Just absolutely eye popping.
  15. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Hey Thanks for the Awesome Comment. I've been inspired by many other talented folks around these parts.
  16. Demascus

    Demascus Blooded

    The whole site is bursting with inspiration and encouragement so far. I'm looking forward to the next set of installments that get posted here.
  17. Darkwolf

    Darkwolf Blooded

    That Dragon Bio is mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing work. Is it available for sale?
  18. Smoke

    Smoke Unblooded

    Ok these are just ..WoOWW I read the whole 4 story's and Bonehunters recruitment.My compliments on creating a such a nice story and not only that, you thought about weapons,armor and all kinds of details on equipment for each one of them,each having armor style suited for it's name and traits,and then you went even further down the rabbit hole and produced the actual bios 0.0.
    I drop my hat to you sir,people in the movie business should think of having a word with you,this is quite the work here.My fav is War non horn version ironicly
    Kudos to you,was very pleased to read and see your work
  19. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Thanks for the compliments. My dream job is to work for Gaming companies developing Game story lines and character design.

    Anyway regarding the Cetanu Story lines there are actually 3+ more chapters not revealed yet. There are 4 Bios that you guys have seen as concept sketches elsewhere plus 1 more
    Bio exist only as a sketch. Basically there are Yautjas on the "Force" side trying to stop the Apocalyptic Brothers. Haven't found a nice way to wrap it up yet.
  20. Smoke

    Smoke Unblooded

    The whole story set kind of reminded me of a recent game I've played,"Darksiders" because of the 4 horseman and the apocalypse.
    This is good news then,seems you still have a trick up your sleeve,storywise and biowise =D ,looking forward to that.
  21. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    That game is fused to my Xbox right now - I've waited a year for that game. I even entered the Darksiders contest on DeviantArt with the 4 Bios
    I love anything about the end of the world and I'm big into Eschatology - pretty much everything I read is either that or about Movie FX
  22. Smoke

    Smoke Unblooded

    Hell yeah,I loved that game and felt it was a bit underated by the gaming community,loved every bit of it,even though you only get to play and see war exept at one part,there are sketches of the other 3 horseman all of them look kickass and I felt sad we didn't get to see em more.
    But on topic,you should keep up with your own stuff,oh and did you win the contest?
    Btw how much you're asking for one of these bios you made?
  23. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Didn't win the contest but did get lotsa favs for it.
    The masks prices are posted in this thread

    All except Bone-Hunter is available
  24. Predator 666

    Predator 666 Unblooded

    You best be making some more things for me to read man, Your work is fantastic. If you are selling some of you Bios i will be glad to buy one
  25. Le Celticant

    Le Celticant Unblooded

    Maybe you should experiment something in the opposite of organic like somethign very "modern design" bright, white.
    Somehow like the "Predator Arbitror" in PREDATOR Bad Blood comic book
    About symbols instead of putting aggressive Massassi one you could try to put thus:
    Just ideas.

    Great story by the way, I enjoyed a lot your fiction. It's nice to expand the Predator "Universe" and that's something missing in the franchise (at least in the movies where everything is about the creature itself and not the back story.)
    I wish you the best about your planning future job but you definitely convinced me with such stories! (By the way aren't you a map/mod/skin developer on AVP2? Your name isn't unfamiliar to me.)

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