the story of how p2 elder got his gun

dark hunter

I've read this a few times its from the hunted website and its apparently how the P2 elder got his old gun that he gives to harrigan.

As the story goes: dropping anchor at an island in Guinea in 1718, the Captain of the small band of pirates suddenly faced mutiny over a stolen case of gold which was destined for a church. The Captain wanted the gold returned, much to the anger of his crew who turned against him. In the following battle, a watching Predator joined the fray and fought back-to-back with the Captain - attacking the rebellious crew with an extendable sword.
In the climactic scene, with the crew dead and the Predator and Captain about to battle mano a mano, the Captain is suddenly shot in the back by the last member of his crew, who was in hiding. Denied his trophy, the Predator angrily blasts the final crewman to hell. With his dying breath, the Captain whispers 'take it...' to the Predator, throwing him his beautifully engraved pistol. With the Captain dead, the Predator takes a moment to think about this battle - and with some curious respect, leaves the dead Captain his extendable sword... 'Take it.'
The final scene sees what looks like a shooting star moving across the evening sky, far above a now silent island - and a pirate ship in the bay, never to leave anchor again.
:) Its pretty good but if it had more detail and a bit of fan art it would be an exceptional piece.
When he gives him his extendable blades it also explains y the P2 elder figure from hot toys and i think from the movie had no wrist blades and just a knife and the gun.