The Topknot Build. New photos of torso life cast build. 05/07/2015

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by alphatech686, May 2, 2013.

  1. A Hunters Moon

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    That mold looks insane. I don't envy the cleanup on that sucker. Great work!
  2. AnnaStasia84

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    That looks incredible! Can't wait to see the finished product. Are you casting it in silicone instead of latex? If so, doubly excited because that's what I'll have to do if I ever make a mask (allergic to latex).
  3. LunaticNic

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    This is really a phenomenal mask. I can not wait to see it once it is cast, and even more excited for the paint job!
  4. guannihkoute

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    Holy *, can't wait to see it when it's done! It looks amazing.
  5. alphatech686

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    Thanks everyone. I've been spending the last few days cleaning out the clay. I have no real updates. I did order the paint. I am trying FuseFX paints. They are expensive but the colors are premixed and mixing colors scares the crap out of me. I am waiting to order the silicone (EchoFlex 20) until I get all the clay out , weigh it, and figure out the volume I will need. I am getting excited though. I have a few air pockets to fix in the mouth area. I will get some photos up soon.
  6. ptgreek

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    looks great bro. I forgot..are you putting in the pour spout on top ..or are you injecting through the core? dont forget to drill your bleeder holes through the negative ( high points for air bubbles ..then all the way up to track your fill. use klean clay to jam up the bleeders once they start to leak )
  7. Uhlakk

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    Jeff, I am following this a long time now and you impress me again and again, every time.
    Thanks for sharing this!
  8. alphatech686

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    Thanks everyone. I'm getting ready to order the silicone today. According to the weight of the clay I removed calculated by water displacement I will need around 160 oz. That seams like a lot but it is what it is. As soon as I get the paint I'm going to pour some silicone into the top of the head mold and do a little practice painting on that. I am a very anxious about the painting aspect.
    Here are a photos of the cleaned out molds.

    I cast this little plug in place when I layed up the mold. It is bendable sculpy and pops into place very nicely. It is to make the hole for the bone above the eye.
    I decided to do it and I will probably were a blind contact in that eye.

    I also decided to redo these mandible plugs with magnets. I had them pinned for the sculpt but I think they will need to come apart easier when I demold so this was the solution.
    It's getting very close to go time.
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  9. Vaurelius

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    This is just amazing, can't wait to see it all finished.
  10. alphatech686

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    Just a couple of pictures of the practice piece I just poured. Echo Flex 20 is awesome.
    Tomorrow I play with the paint.
  11. Predasaurus

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    I can't wait to see the whole cast! And I was wondering, are you gonna be using 20 for the whole suit, or a different silicone/latex for the body? Thanks

  12. Lowdmekon

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    I say no more...........

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  13. alphatech686

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    I am going to use the 20 on the rest of the suit. I didn't get a chance to practice my painting yesterday as I had to install a new water heater. It's always something. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I just ordered the silicone today. Crap I might actually finish this thing.
  14. alphatech686

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    I spent the last couple of days preparing the mold for pour. Here are the photos.
    I decided to tilt this thing forward on the face to pour it. I figured that would keep most defects in the pour to the back of the head.
    I am drilling the holes for the pour tube and I decided to put a second one either for pouring or for air release. I'm playing this by ear.

    Here is the piece with the tubes in place.

    Next I started to assemble the mold around the plug.
    That white putty you see is where I had to repair air bubbles.
    I did plug those little hole with clay where I had the mandible pieces pinned on.

    You can see how the real tusks fit right where the silicone ones were.

    I ended up having to take it back apart right here as I discovered the top had to go on first.
    I decided to take a couple more pictures so you can see how the core looks in the mold.
    I stuffed clay all around those tusks to stop any silicone leakage.
    I was really happy with how it went back together. At this point I stuffed all the pry points with clay and hot glued all the edges.
    There's that line where I had to cut the mold. The hot glue worked great in filling it.
  15. alphatech686

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    I poured it a couple of hours ago. You can see the clay plugging the seep holes.

    I calculated it would take 160 oz's. It took around 170. You can see there was very little waste.

    Later this afternoon I will attempt to demold it. I have no idea what I will find in there. Wish me luck
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  16. Lowdmekon

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    All the luck in world fella, I hope this works out for you, I say everytime I look at your thread, truly epic. Plus I can't wait to see this mask finished let alone your whole suit.

    Need more pics.......
  17. pred666pain666

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    very exciting to see the process
  18. troggs

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    Brilliant work as usual, really looking forward to seeing the demould, hope it goes well for you.
  19. alphatech686

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    Demolding went very well. Only a couple air bubbles on the back of the neck. Now I have to get right at the seams.
    I should have listened to ptgreek who advised me to tint the silicone. As I see it now he was right. I guess it just means more paint.
    The first time I got to see the mouth open. Time to get back to work.
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  20. Lowdmekon

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    Pure joyousness !!!! Can't wait to see you get some paint on it.
  21. Maniak

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    Sweeeeeeet lol im ready to see some paint!! haha
  22. ptgreek

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    Looks awesome bro.. The tint also helps in seaming and patching. Mix A + B silicone in small batch.. Thicken with cabosil and you are good to start patching .. Use naphtha and a small sponge to smooth and texture
  23. ThePriest

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    don't sweat it on the tinting the base coat.
    On a big piece like that and it being the first one this will give you time getting used to pianting with silicone and how the colors work. * nice work on the mold you wave convinced me to make the mold in several pieces on my next one. Did your mouth open like you wanted it to? and and is your harness gonna fit inside the silicone? i know you wanna put it on don't ya... LOL
  24. evilpred

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    19pages of pure awesomeness!!!!! Great job cant wait on the paint !
  25. AnnaStasia84

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    This looks amazing!

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