The Topknot Build. New photos of torso life cast build. 05/07/2015

Thank everyone. Sorry I haven't had any updates in a while. I do have some progress photos but I thought they were kind of boring as they are all of the back of the head and neck area. I will try to post some tomorrow. I have been plugin away at it. I've been finding I have to really push myself to get at it as this back of the head stuff is very tedious and most of it will never be seen. You know me though I have to sculpt the crap out of everything. 
Here are some updates as promised. It seems like not much but I have spent a good amount of time on it. Ok not as much as I should have.


First thing up is the neck. I thought it looked like he had a pencil neck. I know it will be hidden by the neck rings but I wanted it to be more 
in line with the rest of his physique. I cut some of the clay away so I could build up the core first for molding purposes later.


I found some stuff at Hobby Lobby called Sculpt it. It was cheap and available. It fell off after it dried so I reattached it with epoxy putty.


Then I sculpted the neck back in.



Next came the scales. No one will probably ever see these but they will travel down the center of the back which also may never be seen.
By the  way that neck detailing is very rough I still have a lot to do.

You can start to see what the dread eruptions will look like.





You were right Jeff, the pics were boring...  :p

Hardly dude, I dig seeing the detail work you put into your stuff.  It's refreshing to see some quality work on Mr. Knot, even if it is months between updates  .  Seriously though, great job man, you're getting there.



GAWD I hope this gets in the next movie...even if in an AVP

Come on movie studios, make a movie around this guy!

Be a travesty not too, seriously mad crazy props, I cannot NOT come look at this every week or so
Thanks everyone. I'm am making a final push to finish the sculpt so I can get it molded. To help me I just got in my smoothon materials for molding.


I've read this entire thread and my wife just keeps giving me concerned looks. This is just an absolute badass, legendary, crazy, inspirational, demovitavtional (because I'll never be that good) show of patience throughness and devotion I've ever seen to a.... well at this point "Costume" is about as far from reality as you can get. This is Topknot.
Congrats. Now finish so I can die a happy man. :)


The suspense is killing me. this is by far my favorite build on the lair. This even tops usurpers silicone p1 in my opinion.
dude! epic!, to think stuff like this is happening just 3 hours away from me awesome ,havent been back to the lair in over a year and after seeing this i will be visiting more often


sorry i have been out on other projects .... Jeff it is on it's way man... glad to see you at it. lookin pretty killer.   I Know I Know I will post pics of what i have been up too... I swear i will  You know you are running out of stuff to make on this one ...


Hey Alphatech686, just like everyone else (I'm Sure) are there any updated pics. I'm sure you've been pretty busy with this very very very awesome build. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final setup. That's what I like about the Lair its full of very talented people and your build really shows its.....GREAT WORK .

Predator1cc. AKA- Señor Bruja