This has got to be a common question

I hope...Ok I got my mask in front of me going to try the backer rod deal in a min. How do you stick the dreads on to the undermask? I mean there is a lot of holes, do people use all the holes?

Sorry if I am being a pain

Mortal Immortal

Elite Hunter
You want to start your dreads from the bottom up to the top. Paint can effect the hold of the glue. I have seen dreads fall out do to the paint pulling off the mask in the holes. If you really want your dreads to stick you need to cut the hole open and push the dreads in and then glue them.

Juggalo Ant

i have dreaded 3 preds, and i just cut a small X in each hole i wanted to put the dread in. put in a row of dreads, then glue them and proceed to the next row.