Thoughts On Wrist Blades


Ive seen some great wrist blades made on here and on other sites..many people putting alot of time and energy to create movie like retractable blades.. Ive been running this idea in my head that instead of making retractable blades why not try something alittle different. Ive thought of the possibilites of making the blades built into the arm piece itself and instead of shooting out of the opening above the wrist it comes straight out of the top of the arm peice and is kinda sling shot over the hand in front..Kinda hard to explain..Ive been thinking about using springs or a motorized gadget of some sort.. I was wondering if anyone knew of something i could use to create this effect? Or if anyone had any ideas similar to this..Thanks


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Some one a year back made his blade gaunts the same was you are talking. If you search the forum you might find the old posting of it.


All I can really recommend for you to do to make a working wrist blade device is to try whatever you feel will work best for you & your budget. Odds are likely that you'll end up experimenting w/ a few different designs or at the very least, several modifications to a design to achieve whatever your desired results are for it. If one idea isn't quite working, just keep trying!

I, myself discovered a good number of designs I'd thought would work great, only to end up scraping the entire idea. I finally made one that gave me all the qualities I was looking for (reliable, strenth/durability, effective extention thrust, light weight, etc.) by using a rail/track slide & a large extension spring taken out of an old Nerf Bow n' Arrow toy. Once I'd found a good, solid working method from the materials available, I'd then move on to try & find a way to take it another step further.

Start w/ the best simple idea you've got & go from there. Try to keep it as simple as you possibly can. The last thing you want to happen after you've entirely suited up is to have the mechanism break or not work right. Most of the complicated ideas I had & tried, in reality ended up being just that...way too damn complicated or even no where near strong enough to be reliable time after time.

Best of luck to ya!
Remember, the worst thing that'll happen is you find a whole bunch of ways that don't work!