Time To Buckle Up!


Finally got this bad boy done---can't believe this little son of a b_tch took me over a week to do! Just cast the first one tonight, with dry brushed silver metallic - eliminates the need for painting.
I just wet brushed some gun metal gray with some thinner to weather it.

This is the tri-buckle that goes with ScottAs' torso armor (the centerpiece of my P1 armor system). For those of you who've already ordered one, you'll be getting your buckle shortly. I was debating whether or not to include the leather straps and sell as a complete kit (torso, buckle & straps) but felt it would drive up the price too high. The problem is, that I can get leather blanks, but they're unfinished. You'd have to get brown leather die to color the straps---probably easier just to let folks get their own belts----I dunno.
The tri-buckle and torso armor use a 1 1/2" wide belt, with some cutting necessary. A few drops of cyanacrylate glue such as Zap a Gap work well in bonding leather to resin and latex, you may have other preferences.

If you want just the buckle, PM me. Otherwise, you'll receive one if you get a P1 torso armor from Scott.




Elite Hunter
at this rate you'll have a pred suit in what.....2057?........

just yanking your chain bro, it's all in the details.... nice little piece


You ain't kidding, Andy---gotta find more time to sculpt. The next project I'm working on is going to be huge---a functional backpack with medkit.


actually the chest armor is allready done. scott andrew sculpted that for carls line of p-1 items. it will be cool to see what carl does with the backpack. im shure it will be another great piece.