To Pete, who might come here(3)



It has been 2 and a half years since I placed orders with you.
Last November, you finally promised to send items after I called you twice and emailed you several times, but you did not keep the
promise (although you yourself suggested the date of delivery!).
Consequently, I have not received even one item out of my orders, and moreover, you have never contacted me since July.

Because I made the orders on behalf of other collectors, I have to apologize and make a refund to these people.
For this purpose, I have sold items from my collection one by one, but the amount I need to pay to these people is much larger than

Can you see how badly I am in trouble?

I understand you are busy with the fan film production, but if you have the slightest amount of good faith, I would like you either
to deliver a completed item one by one or to refund me little by little.

If you do not still make either a delivery or refund, I have no way other than posting this kind of message no prop- and
Predator-related boards including here.
Please understand my situation.


* To Members:
Since there is no delivery or email from Pete, I had to use this board again.
I am sorry for using this board for my private dealings.
I live overseas and have no other effective way, and I hope this explains to you all.