Tokyorose First Full Suit Build

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by TokyoRose, Sep 24, 2012.

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    * sorry i missed this i think,.....looks awesome boss !!! ,....i like how you show all the progression ,...and it feels better to know we all have * happen during the process that needs fixed,.... nice work man !!
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    Thanks for the info. Brandon. This is really helpful. I am planning to do the same kind of thing when I get to that point in my build. I am already starting to brush up on muscle anatomy. I want a skin that will fit me right and the only way I can think of to accomplish such on a limited time/money budget is to layer up so to speak on a stretchy skin tight base over a DTD. I have considered using thinner sheets of foam and building up rather than thick pieces and shaving them down because open cell foam is such a pain to shape well and make it smooth but the roto-sander is definitely worth a try. I love working with foam...I just love it and this has given me something new to try. I think you made a wise decision to not rush your build to meet a deadline and I agree with Brian that based on what we have seen of your work it will turn out awesome as a result.

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    Wow, this is an awesome build! I really love the suit you made, looks great. Cant wait to see more.
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    * brother, those foam muscles are AMAZING!!!

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