Top 10 Badass Predators

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  1. Wweyland

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    I created a list of the Top 10 Badass Predators ever from the movies, comics, and games:
    Top 10 Badass Predators

    Do you agree with the list?
  2. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    ... Uh ... no not at all imo
    How is wolf somehow that low when Dachande is generally useless? How did city hunter not even make the list but greyback is on it?
    Lastly Dark is deffo better than scarface.
  3. Wweyland

    Wweyland Unblooded

    City hunter left a lot of his equipment behind, tried to nuke LA and died like a bitch.
    Greyback lived and had 300 years of hunting experience, including the encounter with the pirates and US marines.
    Agreed that Dachande is kind of useless but he did fight and kill a lot of xenos, including the Queen. He was the first AvP comic Predator, so that makes him kind of important.
    Dark vs Scarface is debatable. Dark's hunt was much shorter and was only on one planet.
  4. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    Well, I'm 'agreeing to disagree' on some of those, but with limited source material in the predator universe, those ranking ain't gonna be accurate. And what points weigh heavily in said rankings? Number of xeno kills? Leadership? intelligence? the most carebear Predator? My boy Dachande might be no.1 at that. He may not have the most number of kills, but he's not useless. In the novels during his time, it was said that he was the only Yautja to have killed a Xeno with his bare hands. Hate me all you want, I do love the Jungle hunter and the city hunter, but I do actually regard both of them as low ranking Preds, because it's just so hard slaughtering people when you're invisible.
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  5. yoslvr442

    yoslvr442 Blooded

    I apparently need to start reading more about the predator universe. Lol which I wouldn't mind doing.
  6. Wweyland

    Wweyland Unblooded

    If the list had a 11th place, it would be the City Hunter and perhaps followed by Scar from AvP.

    What points weigh heavily? Well as you can see, the Predators who actually survived are ranked higher.
    Predators who slayed Queens, Predaliens, Praetorians, Engineers or actually other Predators (like Bad Blood did) are ranked higher.
    As was said, hunting humans while invisible doesn't make you an intergalactic badass.
    Of course, there are a couple more badass Predators from the games (AvP Classic, AvP Jaguar), but I want the list to be more diverse and not all be about video games.
    Also, wanted to include a female Predator, so Big Mama is there.
  7. Tallon

    Tallon Blooded

    I think Dark is a pretty skilful warrior despite us only seeing him on one hunt. It was made pretty clear in the game that he was already a pretty experienced hunter from the get-go.

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